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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. ISO a Hist Fic Rom set in France where the h is kidnapped by the H (a British spy) and taken to a house by the sea while he and his companions await the ship that will carry them back to England (spoilers ahead)

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Zala Jam The heroine is travelling somewhere (can't remember where and why) with a servant, each riding a horse, and they stop at an inn for the night. She is from a wealthy family and the innkeeper doesn’t want to turn her away despite the fact that all the rooms are already occupied, so he sneaks her into a small room next to a larger one that is already occupied by a group of men. Her servant is placed in the stables. During the night, she overhears the group of men talking and realizes they are British spies fleeing France after committing treason. They catch her and kidnap her, knowing that she overheard them. They take her to a house by the sea (the owners sympathise with the Brits and have temporarily moved out and allowed the spies to use their house as a hideout until the ship that’s going to carry them back to England arrives) and she soon falls in love with their leader. The ship takes longer than expected to arrive and both of them develop feelings for each other. It also turns out that the hero was in fact a “student” of Beau, the first love of the heroine, who disappeared without a trace years ago. One day, they’re walking by the shore and run into other people, which gives the heroine the perfect opportunity to escape, but she plays along with the hero, refusing to risk him getting hurt. Eventually, the ship arrives and the hero leaves for England.
The second part of the novel takes place years after the first one and the heroine now has a child (the father is the hero, but no one knows that). She is married. One day, she and her child are travelling in a chariot with several servants and are ambushed by a group of thieves. In the middle of the robbery, the heroine recognizes one of the thieves as the hero. He recognizes her as well and they meet up soon after. I don’t remember much about what happens after that – I think she leaves her husband but I’m not sure. Eventually, they both end up in England, rich and well-respected. They (or at least one of them) are killed by poisoned gloves.
I read the book around seven years ago, but I think it was published quite some time before that because I remember the book being quite old. I think the author was female.

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Zala, here's a list that might have the book you're looking for.
Good Luck :D

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Zala left the group. Moving to Abandoned.

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