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message 1: by Marc (new)

Marc (mkupper) | 78 comments The new GR policy is that we move the ISBN to the edition record with the most recently (or current) cover.

I removed ISBN 014038572X and 9780140385724 from this record. Immediately after I removed the ISBN searches for both 9780140385724 and 014038572X were returning "not found" which I expected.

It's now been over 40 minutes (and counting) since the edit to remove the ISBNs. I still can't save ISBN 014038572X on this record. It's saying "Sorry, the book data could not be saved" and "1 error prohibited this book from being saved: Isbn is taken by an existing book with the title "The Outsiders". Search for 014038572x in the header to view it. If you believe this is an error please double-check your data, then check the Goodreads Librarians group. ISBNs are optional so you can also add this book without an ISBN."

At first I was trying to save both the ISBN10 and ISBN13 in one edit. As the error message was only complaining about the ISBN10 I tried saving just the ISBN13. That worked and searches for 9780140385724 find the correct record.

This post and question is about the ISBN10. 014038572X is a valid ISBN. shows the correct record on Amazon.

I tried removing the published year thinking perhaps GR had added logic where ISBN10s are no longer allowed on newer books that would only have an ISBN13. That did not help.

I also tried saving the ISBN10 014038572X on the original record that used to have it but GR would not let me save it there either.

Note that at present the intended target for the ISBN is in its own work as I'm waiting for a superlibrarian to delete a duplicate record and to merge the shelving into the record I want to add the ISBN to. That should not affect the ability to save an ISBN10.

message 2: by Arenda (last edited Mar 18, 2018 12:11PM) (new)

Arenda | 20237 comments It's because there is another edition with this isbn:

That edition was added before x's in isbn10 were automatically changed to a capital X, as they are supposed to be. At that time it was possible an isbn10 with an X at the end was used on two different editions, one with x and one with X.

(And there is another edition that contains this isbn10, including the x, as part of the isbn13:

message 3: by Marc (new)

Marc (mkupper) | 78 comments Arenda wrote: "It's because there is another edition with this isbn:

That edition was added before x's in isbn10 were automatically changed to a capital..."

Thank you Arenda. What fun for the ACE game! I'm in the middle of a project in the yard but once the Sun goes down I'll add more links between the ACE records.

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