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message 1: by Richard (last edited Mar 18, 2018 06:49AM) (new)

Richard Schiver | 172 comments I've been writing seriously since 2012, by that I mean I've been producing work and putting it out there for others to read.

I've always found it difficult to write short stories so this year I came up with a personal challenge to write an alphabet series of short stories. Every Friday I release a portion of the current story in progress on my blog.

When the story is finished I edit it, sharing a portion of the process on my blog, then release the story to a wider audience via Amazon and Smashwords.

As part of the challenge I've given myself certain restrictions so as not to interfere with my other writing.

I am only permitted to work on each portion of the story for one hour. What I finish in that time frame is what I post that Friday, raw and unedited.

I can think about the story all I want, but I can't put anything to the page until my hour to work on it arrives. Usually Wednesday, or Thursday, depending on my schedule at work.

No editing can be done until the story is finished. Once I've edited the story it will fall into the que to be released at the rate of one story a month. I will also share a post about the editing process for each story. These posts usually come on Wednesday.

Until the story is released to a wider audience it will remain free on my blog.

To date I have finished five stories that I've listed below.
A is for Alone: Released Feb 2, 2018
B is for Believe in Me: Released March 16, 2018
C is for Covenant: Due mid April.
D is for Destination Unknown: Due Mid May
E is for Everett Park: Due mid June
F is for Funghi: In progress

Links to all of the stories can be found at:
26 Story Challenge

I'll be updating this topic as each portion is posted and I'd really like it if you followed along and offered feedback if you're so inclined. If not I understand. Thanks.

message 2: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Thatcher (jenna_thatcher) | 57 comments This is a really fun idea! I don't think I could do one a week, but I do find I have a folder of short stories that just sort of 'happen' sometimes. For example, I'll have just read a book by L. M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables) and I find myself writing a 4 page story in her 'style'. And then it's back to my regular writing as usual.
Anyway, I agree, they're a lot of fun and I should be more confident and post them on my blog sometimes.
I'll be following your blog, but I can't promise feedback :)

message 3: by Richard (last edited Mar 19, 2018 06:48AM) (new)

Richard Schiver | 172 comments Jenna wrote: "This is a really fun idea! I don't think I could do one a week, but I do find I have a folder of short stories that just sort of 'happen' sometimes. For example, I'll have just read a book by L. M...."

Thanks for stopping by Jenna. What I post every week is only what I've gotten done in the hour I allow myself. Sometimes it's only about 500 words, other times it can be as much as 1500 words, depending on how well the story speaks to me. At that rate it takes me three to five weeks to complete each story as I aim for 5000 words per story.

Drop me the link to your blog and I'll follow back, would like to see what you come up with. As for the feedback don't worry if you'r uncomfortable doing so, it's not a requirement to follow along.

message 4: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Thatcher (jenna_thatcher) | 57 comments I just started a writer's group in my tiny little out-of-the-place town, so who knows if it'll even stick around, but for now I'm hoping to get some feedback on a short story I wrote and then post it for download on my blog. Meanwhile, here's the link:

message 5: by Richard (new)

Richard Schiver | 172 comments Now following your blog and added it to the blog list on my blog.

message 6: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Thatcher (jenna_thatcher) | 57 comments thanks!

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