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message 1: by Mya (new)

Mya Griffith | 1 comments Hi, greetings everyone. I am seeking help in finding a book that I read during my beginning stages of being a wattpad member.

Okay so I do know remember the name of the book but I do remember the story itself.
The novel was about housewife name Michelle to a big actor who cheats on her and she finds out through the media. His name is James or Jamie can't remember which. He accuses her of lying about being pregnant to keep him. She has a weird friend named Lily who she goes to stay with. He leaves her pregnant and broken. She gets a chance to be a screenwriter where she meets one of the actors named Nath who will support her through it all (divorce, pregnancy, life).

I would really like to read this story again so if you think you know the name please comment. Thank you in advance. :) :)

message 2: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Diaz | 4 comments Hey everyone so I read this book on Wattpad a while back but can’t find it again cause I forgot the title

Ok so it’s about this girl(forgot names) and she has this guy best friend who she’s been friends with forever and she is getting over her ex boyfriend. The best friend has been in love with her for a long time but she’s had no idea. In the book they get together (best friend and her) but things get shaky in their relationship because she finds out some stuff about the past where her ex boyfriend did drugs and her best friend told him to leave to protect her. This book has some “steamy” scenes as well. I really enjoyed this book and if. Anyone has any odea of what this could be please help thanks!

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