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message 1: by Stacy (new)

Stacy Ludington | 12 comments I am considering one last beta reader for my book before I begin querying agents. The book is on draft 10 and has already had professional edits. I'm looking for a beta reader who has a fast turn around time, has an understanding of what agents are looking for, and experience reading for diversity, inclusivity, and subtle political commentary. Below is my query.

Only those bred, carried, and born on the soils of Amonarr have a magic called the Gift, and by adolescence, it must be transferred from the body into a gemstone by a trained monk—otherwise, it kills them.

Emilie is Giftless in Amonarr and accepts the daily persecution, extortion, and attempts on her life by the Gifted. It’s a reality not worth complaining about. She hides behind her fake crystal and tries to be a good person, but given what she’s done to survive, doesn’t believe that she is. So when Emilie shows signs of the Gift at the impossibly old age of twenty-four, it should be a cause for celebration. Instead, it terrifies her. She wants no part in something she’s suffered so greatly from, but, if she must, she’s going to be different and help the Giftless. Emilie seeks help from the Monks, but they can’t get her Gift to join a gem. She must find an alternative solution fast.

But when Emilie kills one man in self-defense—and dozens of others fall dead as well—news of her unique power spreads. Soon, the cure she seeks becomes a bargaining chip in a much greater war between the Gifted and the Giftless—and Emilie realizes a sickening truth: if she is to live, she must kill.

GIFTLESS (120,700 words) is a fantasy novel with series potential. There are conversations surrounding privilege and consent in the manuscript, as well as representation of strong women and a racially diverse cast. Tonally, GIFTLESS is akin to Uprooted by Naomi Novik with more adult themes fitting for fans of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series.

message 2: by Shalini (new)

Shalini (shalini_g26) | 72 comments Hello,
I have messaged you. Thank you

message 3: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Chekalov | 3 comments Sent you a PM.

message 4: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha Gibson | 49 comments Hi, if you still need a beta reader I am interested in reading for you. Send me a PM or an email to
I feel you are interested.
Tabitha x

message 5: by H.J. (new)

H.J. Peterson | 18 comments Just sent a PM. Looking forward to hearing from you!

message 6: by TKSelbach13 (last edited Jul 30, 2019 06:38PM) (new)

TKSelbach13 | 90 comments I have been working as an independent freelance editor for about 8 years. My clients have been very pleased with my work thus far and would certainly be happy to provide recommendations if needed.

I recently achieved my bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, as well as accomplished a Study Abroad program with a focus in writing. I can provide a high attention to detail, the ability to think outside of the box, and an enthusiastic attitude that clients will find quite appealing.

Certifications: Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing
Experience: 8 years of Beta Reading, 2 years of commission work
Rates: $0.05 per word.
Turnaround: 1-3 months

$5 – 100 words
$50 – 1,000 words
$500 – 10,000 words
$5000 – 100,000 words

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