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R. Leib | 765 comments Mod
To make review groups safe and congenial environments for authors and reviewers, we ask that the following code of conduct be adhered to by all participants.

1) Be constructive. We are all Indy authors. Professional hatchet jobs may be expected for mainstream published works, but they are inappropriate for us. If a reviewer finds defects in a work, the appropriate action is to be as detailed as possible about the defects either privately or publicly in a review. It is up to the reviewer whether or not to publish a low rated review.

2) Be thick skinned. As authors, we need to be open to criticism. Otherwise, how will we improve? It is appropriate to thank a reviewer for posting a review of an author's work. If an author wishes to discuss the content of the review privately with the reviewer, this is permissible. However, the discussion should remain constructive. Anger, bullying, and argument are not acceptable behavior privately or publicly in posted comments. In particular, it is not appropriate to request a change in rating or the removal of a review.

3) Be open to mediation. The moderators are here to see that the groups run smoothly, efficiently, and fairly. If a review group participant is unhappy with any aspect of the review process, that participant should contact the moderator. Moderators will take whatever action they deem necessary to make the process as beneficial and enjoyable as possible for all.

4) Do not retaliate in any way. Any form of retaliation will result in expulsion from the Genre Specific Review Groups.

5) Be congenial. We are here to have fun and to improve as writers. Combativeness and defensiveness are counterproductive and make these groups less enjoyable for all. Please do not engage in this sort of behavior. Any member who feels that he or she cannot handle criticism with equanimity should not participate in the peer review groups.

message 2: by Lawrence (new)

Lawrence Nysschens | 1 comments Hi there, Just joined looks interesting and likely fun perhaps laced with the occasional spark :) Name is Lawrence and I look forward to interacting and joining in the discussions.

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