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Joanna | 733 comments Mod
"Marie-Laure drops her cane; she begins to cry.

Her father lifts her, holds her to his narrow chest.

'It's so big,' she whispers.

'You can do this, Marie.'"

- All the Light We Cannot See, pg. 37

I will admit, I'm still only 45 pages into this book at the moment (my goal is to finish it by next week). But one of the things that struck me from the first 45 pages was Marie's father and what he does for his daughter. When she looses her sight, he builds a model of the streets for her. He has her run her hand over it, memorize it. He uses this to help her learn to navigate the actual streets, with him there to help the whole time. What a father would not do for his daughter.

Who has fulfilled this role in your life? Is there a person who has been your support system and helped you through life? Are you someone's support system?

Talk about these special people in your life.

For me, it's my mom and my best friend. No matter what is happening, I can call them up, talk, and feel better able to handle whatever it is life is throwing at me. And even when life isn't hard or stressful or bad, they're there just to be with, to hang out with, to go have fun with. We all need that, too, in our lives.

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Ingrid Hurst (bookrdr) | 279 comments Definitely my parents & I am trying to have my children (age 13 & 15) understand that we are the same for them.
Friends come and go, but you always have your parents as long as they are living.

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