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Paul Moxham | 55 comments Mod

I'm Paul Moxham, author of the Mystery Series and a few other novels. But what else do you know about me? For starters, did you know that I live in Melbourne, Australia?

What else would you like to know? Whether or not it is a personal question or novel related question, ask away using the comment section and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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Hello Mr. Moxham! I have a few questions for you but I'd like to start one-by-one. Here is one I've been wondering for a while now. When you write a YA book, have you gotten inspiration from a real YA you've seen or met? (Characters being based from reality).

message 3: by Paul (last edited Jun 27, 2018 12:40AM) (new)

Paul Moxham | 55 comments Mod
My mystery series would be middle grade, the other novels I have written would be young adult, but for this question I will focus on my mystery series.

I've never actually thought about putting a real person into my novel, maybe that's because I don't meet many people :)

I will admit though that I might read a novel or watch a film and I wonder if I could take parts of that and turn it into an adventure for the mystery kids. Now, that might seem I'm copying stuff, but it's not like I copy everything. And besides, most of the stuff I read or watch has already been copied from other stories.

As for the characters, apart from the mystery kids, there are not many characters, and most of them are the bad guys. Also, I will admit that my books are plot driven and not character driven. That's not saying I don't put any effort into my characters, but I put my emphasis into making the story exciting and thus not get bogged down in character development. There will be readers who don't like this sort of writing, but you can't please everything. What I do try to do is to make all the books the same, which means that if you like the first one, you will like the next one.

message 4: by Josiah (new)

Josiah | 8 comments Hi Mr. Moxham! I have a question about the Mystery Series. How many books are you planning to write for the series? And what will the next book be in the series? Also, what is the approximate release date for that next book in the Mystery Series?

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Paul Moxham | 55 comments Mod
Josiah wrote: "Hi Mr. Moxham! I have a question about the Mystery Series. How many books are you planning to write for the series? And what will the next book be in the series? Also, what is the approximate relea..."

I've just been been putting the finishing touches to my latest novel, which is due for release on July 8, so only a few days away. It is The Mystery of the Crown Jewels. I've also just put up the pre-order for the novel after that, which will be released early Oct.

As for how many there will be in the series, that is undetermined. I have story ideas for at least ten more, but if sales slow down, I will end series sooner rather than later.

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Paul Moxham | 55 comments Mod
Does anyone have any questions for me?

message 7: by Josiah (new)

Josiah | 8 comments Hello!
I just finished your outstanding Mystery of the Crown Jewels, and it got me wondering a couple things.
1. How long does it typically take you to write a Mystery Series book?
2. What has been your favorite Mystery Series book?
3. What has been the hardest Mystery Series book for you to write?
Thank you for all your hard work writing these books! I just love reading them.

message 8: by Paul (new)

Paul Moxham | 55 comments Mod
Hi Josiah, glad to see you liked Crown Jewels. As for your questions:
1 - From when I start writing, a few months, but I normally plot it all out before then, and right now I've got around 10 synopsis/plot which I work on from time to time, and I don't want to start on writing until I know I've enough material in the story to make it fast paced and for it to be the best it can be. But if it was from idea to finished product, sometimes 6 months, sometimes 2 years. For instance, halfway through writing Crown Jewels I thought of the sequel, which is Runaway King, which is being written right now.
2 - As for my favorite Mystery Book, looking back, I would have to say Golden Dragons/Crown Jewels. Those two set the stage for the Golden Dragons Saga which will mostly conclude with Runaway King, and I don't think the Mystery Series would be the same if you removed the criminal group, the Golden Dragons.
3 - As for hardest book, it is Runaway King. I have had to delay it several times. I like the general plot lines, but it's not the best and I'm thinking of what scenes I need to add to it, for it to be good. The main reason this turned out this way is because I put it up for pre-order before I had fully finished the synopsis, and really I should have written the first draft before doing so.

You may have noticed that I am now publishing a spin-off series, a choose your own adventure type series based on my books, and my first on, Danger In Monrovia, is based on Crown Jewels. While it has enough to be similar, there is enough new material to make it different, and with the present tense added, and with you in the story, hopefully many people will like this new spin-off series.

Take care with everything that is going on right now,

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