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TheoVonG | 4 comments I'm trying to find a manga which I read the first volume of a number of years ago but which I can't remember the name of. This would have been somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years ago; and I got it from the library, so it's something that was licensed and translated (the first volume, anyway). Here's what I remember of it, to the best of my memory:

It begins with a battle in space. The main character is a fighter pilot. One of the ships has a large energy cannon shaped like a figurehead of a woman; when it fires, the main character is caught in the blast. He wakes up to find his ship crashed on a sword-and-sorcery type world. There is a statue which kind of looks like the figurehead of the weapon, implying that it's some kind of parallel dimension (though I suppose it could be the past/future; it hadn't yet been addressed by the end of the volume).

The pilot salvages what he can from his ship's emergency kit; most notably, a flare gun with a limited number of emergency flares. The land he's landed in is in the middle of a war, and he ends up teaming up with a soldier surrounded by enemy soldiers. The pilot asks the soldier to trust him and close his eyes, then fires one of his flares to blind the enemy soldiers around them. However, his ally didn't trust him enough to close his eyes, and so is blinded by the flare as well and is unable to capitalize on the opening.

Meanwhile, the villains are searching the land for ancient weapons. One of the villains gains access to the site of one of them by holding a prisoner hostage with a giant chakram-like weapon and threatening to decapitate her unless he's let in. The weapon is then shown and revealed to be a giant robot or mecha-like thing.

Does anyone have any ideas as to which manga this might have been? It's been several years, so I may have gotten some details wrong.

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TheoVonG | 4 comments Update: Found it! I went through all the sci-fi manga listed on Anime-Planet until I located it.

It's "Planet Blood" by Kim Tae-Hyung.

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