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message 1: by Ronald (new)

Ronald (rpdwyer) | 548 comments Recent email from Borderlands Press. But before I reprint it here I should mention that their Laird Barron little book was physically botched.

One of our most popular ongoing projects has been our highly collectible "Little Books" Series which has now reached 30 titles with the long-sold-out Series I and the recently completed Series II.

(We recently saw a complete matched set of Series I selling at the World Fantasy Convention for $950.00!)

Our Little Book series has been a virtual Who's Who of writers of Dark Fantasy, Horror, and Suspense (many of whom have been awarded the HWA's Lifetime Achievement Award)—including Gary Braunbeck, Dennis Etchison, Neil Gaiman, Ray Garton, Rick Hautala, Joe Hill, Jack Ketchum, Joe Lansdale, Jonathan Maberry, Thomas F. Monteleone, David Morrell, David Schow, Peter Straub, Karl Wagner, and F. Paul Wilson.

We are currently assembling the roster of writers for Series III and have already signed Ramsey Campbell, Mort Castle, Richard Chizmar, Heather Graham, Charles L. Grant, Owen King, Josh Malerman, William F. Nolan, and Tim Waggoner. In the coming months, pending negotiations, we hope to announce the addition of writers such as Thomas Ligotti, Bentley Little, Gahan Wilson, Caitlyn Kiernan, and Stephen King.

If you wish to guarantee you acquire a complete matched set of Series III, be sure to pre-order the first Title below and send us a note indicating you would like reserve the same number for the entire Series. Limited to 350 copies, all books are signed by the author (Charles Grant edition signed by the editor, Kathryn Ptacek), and we expect the series to sell out completely . . . . so don't delay!

The First New Title
in Our
Little Books Series III

A Little Gray Book
William F. Nolan
We are proud to launch Series III of our Little Books with the publication of Bill Nolan's 25th collection! He recently celebrated his 90th birthday and continues to write and produce top-notch fiction. A compatriot of Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, and Charles Beaumont, Bill remains one of the best writers of his generation.

In Nolan's own words: "Short Stories are a challenge and (most of the time) a creative delight. Writing new ones at the rate of three or four a year I have had more than 200 in print since 1952. The seven I have selected here represent the very best of which 1 am capable, as I keep "pushing the envelope" hoping to achieve something fresh and inventive each time out."

message 2: by Randolph (new)

Randolph (us227381) | 2 comments I’ll never send another nickel to Borderlands since they screwed us with the Barron edition and didn’t offer to replace it. Their books are rather sloppily printed anyway. This wasn’t the first error in one of their book either, just the most egregious. In my opinion these books are not meant for readers but just as investments like stocks or bonds or to impress your so-called friends. Who “collects” stock shares?

Barron should have done something about it as well other than just apologize.

message 3: by Ronald (new)

Ronald (rpdwyer) | 548 comments Recent email from Borderlands Press, but please read the previous posts in this thread:

A Little Aqua Book of Marine Stories
by Tim Waggoner
is Now Available for Pre-Order!

The Third Book our Little Books Series III !
We offer you a great collection by Tim Waggoner for the third title in our Little Book Series III.

Life began in the water, but all too often it ends there as well. Water reflects, conceals, fascinates.It calls to us with a siren song, and we drink, we bathe, we swim, we sail . . .

Sometimes we sink.

And sometimes we’re eaten.

A collection of dark fantasy stories exploring what lurks in the depths of our oceans, our lakes, our rivers . . . and our minds.

message 4: by Ronald (new)

Ronald (rpdwyer) | 548 comments Recent email from Borderlands Press, but please read the previous posts in this thread:

A Little Red Book of Requests
by Josh Malerman

The fourth title in our Little Books Series III is a presentation of three all-new original novelettes by Josh Malerman, whose novel Bird Box has enjoyed recent critical success as a film.

The stories:

In "Fafa Dillenger's Box" A desperate man asks that his most hideous potential be buried where he can’t find it . . .

In "Dead Witch's Hair" A young boy asks his mother if he can please leave the lights on in his bedroom at night, no matter what they reveal . . .

In "Breadcrumbs" A famished hiker asks Fate for much needed bread and water, no mater where it comes from . . .

And while all three get what they’ve requested, each also learns the horror that often accompanies wishes fulfilled in this . . . . A Little Red Book of Requests

If you are a subscriber to the entire Series III, or if you want an individual copy PLEASE PRE-ORDER NOW and you will receive a an invoice when we are ready to ship on March 1, 2019.

message 5: by Randolph (new)

Randolph (us227381) | 2 comments How many pages did they leave out?

message 6: by Randolph (new)

Randolph (us227381) | 2 comments These are rubbish anyway. Made for profiteers and speculators not readers

message 7: by Ronald (new)

Ronald (rpdwyer) | 548 comments Recent email from Borderlands Press:

A Little White Book of Screams and Whispers
by Thomas Ligotti

Thomas Ligotti
is a contemporary American horror writer and reclusive literary cult figure. His writings have been noted as being rooted in several literary genres—most prominently, weird fiction—and have overall been described by critics such as S. T. Joshi as works of "philosophical horror," often written as short stories and novellas and with similarities to gothic fiction. The worldview espoused by Ligotti in both his fiction and non-fiction has been described as profoundly pessimistic and nihilistic. The Washington Post called him "the best kept secret in contemporary horror fiction."

We are very proud to include this fascinating and unique writer in our Little Book Series. A Little White Book of Screams and Whispers is a compilation of Interviews with Ligotti that have never been collected or reprinted. The author’s complex and esoteric answers will give you insight into one of the most original and unsettling writers of weird dark fantasy.

message 8: by Ronald (new)

Ronald (rpdwyer) | 548 comments Recent email from Boderlands Press:

A Little Yellow Book of Fever Dreams
Caitlyn Kiernan

Caitlyn Kiernan is the author of our seventh Series III Little Book.

She has been a prolific writer in the genres of both science fiction and dark fantasy. Her ouvre includes ten novels, many comic books, and more than two hundred and fifty published short stories, novellas, and vignettes.

She is also the author of scientific papers in the field of paleontology.

A popular and familiar nominee of a variety of annual awards, she has garnered 4 International Horror Guild Awards, 2 Bram Stoker Awards, 2 World Fantasy Awards . . . as well as the James Tiptree Jr. Award.


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