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message 1: by Clay (new)

Clay | 4 comments I just finished this downloadable (from Blackstone Audio) audiobook and found this edition was not listed so I added it. When I added it, I added its narrator, Simon Vance. After publishing I noticed "Goodreads Author" listed after the name, though the Goodreads Author Simon Vance is not the same Simon Vance, a popular narrator. My solution was to change the name to Simon Vance Narrator, though now pubbed version reads "Simon Vance Narrator (Narrator). Feel sure the group has a better solution. I have narrators I like and look for and I'm sure others do too. Also, could someone check I have the right number for this download edition, as there's confusion on the web about what the number is. Thanks, Librarians! CC

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott | 21383 comments To distinguish authors with the same name, we add spaces between the first and last names. Can you please link to the book so that someone can check it?

message 3: by Scott (new)

Scott | 21383 comments Never mind, I found it. Are you sure that it is the wrong Simon Vance? The content on his page does indicate that he is a narrator.

message 4: by Clay (new)

Clay | 4 comments You are right, Scott, it is him, but his picture is so old I thought not. Thanks for checking and setting me straight. CC

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