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DL Frizzell (dl_frizzell) | 1 comments * The Narrow Path to War
(Marshals of Arion, Book One)
* DL Frizzell
* ISBN: 978-1610054997
* Booklogix
* July 21, 2014
* Paperback, 363 pages
Five hundred years after landing on Arion, a planet turned sideways by an asteroid collision, Earth's only interstellar colony stands on the brink of war. Trust and cooperation are in short supply on Arion as alliances crumble, bandit attacks continue to rise, and magnetic storms destroy all but the simplest machines.

Alex Vonn, a troubled university student, couldn't care less until his only friend is tortured by foreign spies aboard the remains of a buried spaceship. When the spies flee the region, Alex joins the pursuit team as a Deputy Marshal for the Alliance. However, he soon finds himself a pawn in the battle between survival and dominance, and must decide whom to trust if he wants to avert the coming war.

BONUS: Look on the author's website for character episodes which give a glimpse into the lives of several main characters in the two years before the book begins.

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José Neto (macflii) | 113 comments You can now claim your Goodreads Author page:

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José wrote: "there you go..."

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