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message 1: by Grace (new)

Grace (summergrace) | 4 comments I beta read any genre, and I also beta read non- fiction about any subject. I read short stories, and short story collections as well. I'll get back to you within about a week or as soon as you need it with my thoughts on your book. I charge $20-$35 depending on the length of your book. I charge $10-$15 depending on the length of your short story. I point out anything that will improve your book and I can look for anything you want me to look for as a beta reader. If you want more info, contact me through Goodreads, or e-mail me at

message 2: by Grace (new)

Grace (summergrace) | 4 comments I'm looking for books to read for April and May!

message 3: by William (new)

William B. (williambnaylor) | 13 comments I have what I call an urban thriller on entitled "Who got the Meat Came Off THem Bones?" If you are interested I would be delighted to send you a coupon to download it. I thank you for your offer and look forward to hearing back from you.

Will Naylor

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