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Beard in Mind (Winston Brothers, #4)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance Heroine has OCD prefers people talking with odd number of words. [s]

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Nancy | 10 comments I read a book late last year where the heroine has OCD and she goes to a therapy. The therapist was talking to her and she hated that the therapist was talking in even number of words in a sentence. I think this book was a part of a series. I think the heroine was a business woman and she seems like a cold person. She falls for the hero but I think she tried to distance herself from him. Thanks in advance if someone knows which book I'm thinking of.

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Nancy, just to be clear, this isn't the same book as this one?


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Check out these listopias for romance novels involving OCD or mental illness:




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Nancy | 10 comments No. That is a different book that I am trying to find.
I found this book. Its Beard in Mind by Penny Reid.

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Amanda (amanda_redpeach) | 253 comments Beard in Mind for the link thanks for letting us know what it was called!

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