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message 1: by Jenn (new)

Jenn (kenderhearted) | 1 comments Hello! Has anyone out there heard of LootCrate? Basically, once a month a goody box shows up at your house with "nerdy" memorabilia - Tee-shirts, stickers, action figures, etc. It costs roughly $20/month including shipping and promise $40 worth of swag and treasures. I am wondering how popular a book/reading themed goody box would be. If there was one dedicated to Young Adult Fiction and each month there was a theme (say, strong female leads, dystopia, etc.), would you be interested in it? Other items in the box would include bookmarks, book lights, jewelry related to popular books, brand new books and used books, ebook downloads, and more.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "Sucky" and 10 being "DO IT NOW," what do you rate this idea? What would you call it?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

100000000000000 (10)

I don't know what to call it, but GIVE ME THIS NOW!

message 3: by Melinda (new)

Melinda | 146 comments Awesome Idea!

message 4: by Faery (new)

Faery (1234ideclareathumbwar) | 465 comments 11

message 5: by Grissel (new)

Grissel Oros (gigidoll26) | 53 comments 13/10

This is a totally awesome idea

message 6: by Ashton (new)

Ashton 1000/10

message 7: by Adri (new)

Adri | 8 comments Definitely 10+

message 8: by kayla (new)

kayla (kpaige23) absolutely positively 10+

message 9: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Morales (buhosbookreview) I would absolutely love this. I get a monthly box from LootCrate and my dog gets an animal based one, BarkBox.

I absolutely love the idea of getting one YA and/or New Contemporary. I can just picture a new book or novella coming in with other reading essential like themed bookmarks, sticky notes, pens for those who like to annotate as they read. I would easily pay for that service.

message 10: by Wes (new)

Wes Hysell | 1 comments Looks to be something new brewing up for book readers:

message 11: by Star (new)

Star Jessalyn (stayawesomegotham) | 116 comments They're including a hardcover book to the July box which is themed Heroes 2 and I'm seriously hoping that it's going to be Armada since I believe that they had "Ready Player One" put in one of their months' subscription box

Link to the announcement:

message 12: by Star (new)

Star Jessalyn (stayawesomegotham) | 116 comments Landfall Freight sounds awesome though. They send graphic novels to your doorstep monthly.

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