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message 1: by David (new)

David Staniforth (davidstaniforth) | 7939 comments Do any of you authors out there employ an efficient method to make certain Amazon are paying the correct amount of royalty into your bank account? Or does everyone just trust that it will be correct?

I'm pretty certain there's a shortfall in my July payout which I think relates to sales made in May, so I've contacted them about it.

They don't make the thing easy to follow, and my suspicious nature makes me suspect it's for a reason :~?

message 2: by Pete (new)

Pete Carter (petecarter) | 637 comments Unfortunately I don't need a calculator to work out if my payments are correct! It is confusing receiving payments from all over the place though.

message 3: by David (new)

David Staniforth (davidstaniforth) | 7939 comments I didn't need a calculator until recently, Pete, so you never know.

It's not just the fact that they split the payments from different markets, but the delay in the payment and trying to tally payout to the month the sale was made. Some appear to be paid out three months later and some of them four months later.

message 4: by Pete (new)

Pete Carter (petecarter) | 637 comments Just changing slightly off-subject, while I was doing my createspace stuff tonight, I went on my Kindle Direst page and re-entered the US tax blurb (I was actually just checking how I'd filled it in) and lo and behold, I'm now a 0% royalty deduction in the US (previously 30%). Whoopee!! It's probably lying, though.

message 5: by David (new)

David Staniforth (davidstaniforth) | 7939 comments Me too. Yay!

I just want to write books. Marketing is bad enough, but this financial stuff. I never wanted to be an accountant.

message 6: by S. (new)

S. Aksah | 152 comments great!

Patti (baconater) (goldengreene) | 61757 comments Ask Will. He's the group pencil pusher.

Gingerlily - The Full Wild | 36808 comments Patti (baconater) wrote: "Ask Will. He's the group pencil pusher."

Well I suppose its better than being a drug-pusher...

message 9: by David (new)

David Staniforth (davidstaniforth) | 7939 comments I needed drugs after spending ages figuring it all out.

Anyway, figured now. And the drugs took away my headache.

message 10: by Andy (new)

Andy Elliott | 1524 comments I check the payments every now and again, but have never found a disparity. The only time I get confused is when I get a (rare) Createspace payment, which is always a pleasant surprise that I immediately go out and spend on sweets.

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