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You have to learn how to control your dang powers. The training rooms is a replica of the hunger games training rooms without camouflage and other stuff that isn't important for your brain. Now there is limit of guards and all the doctors are watching you to make sure you don't break down

Rp starts here

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Nick sat down on the mats playing with technology. It wasn't a computer or anything really. He swipped from ad to ad on the hologram on the floor. He looked up for the guards to make sure nobody was looking. Nick seemed bored to the brim. He wanted to be out already and he drank apple juice by the side.

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dany (elothwen) Charlotte flipped through the pages of the books, her eyes going from one side to another. Cover to cover in mere seconds.
That got boring easily, however. All of these books were boring classics, nothing actually informational. She sighed, throwing A Midsummer's Night Dream back on the table. She looked at the other people in Lab 7, and noticed a guy with a wedding ring sitting next to some apple juice and projecting ads on the floor. Figuring she could mess with him a bit? she walked over.

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dany (elothwen) ((comma not a question mark, sorry, on the app))

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Nick looked down and closed the screen. He picked up several books from the library by using telepathy on a guard. He flipped through the books cover to cover. He go tired of it and sighed. Nick took a sip of apple juice. He continued flipping through books but stopping on one Dr.Kelly's books. "trying so hard." He mumbled closing the book. Nick didn't like it how another girl has his last name. He also wasn't sure why he has a ring on his finger. Nick was confused so much about this realy.

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dany (elothwen) Charlie heard him ssay something, but she couldn't quite make it out. She blinked, her eyes flashing.g from their original color to gold, blue, brown, purple, and back again. She took a step back, shaking her head. No. She'd gotten over that. She exhaled through her nose, and approached the man.
"What's up, Buttercup?" Charlotte asked with a wide smile. She'd gotten over the craziness from the brain capacity effects, but she was an ass and liked messing with people.

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"What do you need." He said looking at her from the corner of his eye. Nick sighed and knew it was another girl. He looked down at the book and stared at the picture of the author trying to remember. The girl was coming up from somewhere but he didn't understand at all. Nick still had pieces to put back together after his brain overload. His eyes changed colors and flickers. "Aghh." He groans putting his hands onto his head.

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dany (elothwen) Charlotte sat next to him on the ground Indian style, or as Kindergarten teachers and the doctors would call it, crisscross applesauce. They treated them like they were children.
"I don't need anything. I just hate being around all those doctors and guards. I was in the Navy, you know, and that..." and that what? she thought, takes a lot of work! Right...
"And that takes a lot of work. These doctors wouldn't know danger or challenge if it hit them in the face with a soldering iron."

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"I know one of the doctors..she's a girl but i don't remember how i know her though." He said simply looking at her. Nick took a swig of apple juice and placed it back onto the ground. "Well I'm not treated like a kid, I'm treated like a normal guy." He said shrugging. He was treated different oddly. "They say my 'wife' told them to treat me like this." Nick said confused.

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dany (elothwen) "You're not always in this lab, are you?" Charlotte asked. She didn't really care, but he looked like he belonged more in the five beginner labs. Only judging by how he first reacted, however. She didn't know if he was screwing with her or not.

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"No not all the time but the person they call my wife told them i can switch to either one." He shrugged. "Usually they put me in one sometimes but let me go early." He said simply. Nick still couldn't get why he was treated differently from the others. He his head pounded again. "Arggh!" He held his head tightly. "I can deal with this ya know." He said desperately.

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dany (elothwen) "Doesn't look like it," Charlotte told him, cocking her head to the side. She looked over at the large, one-way window covering the entire south wall. The people in the lab could see out, but the people outside only saw the wall.
"It's raining," she said simply, watching as suddenly rain began pounding against the side of the building and people frantically ran around, trying to get inside.

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Mae entered looking for her friends. Sure, controlling her powers was important but she liked practicing with Loki and Dr. Kelly. They were her too closest friends. She was fairly accepted among everyone but, best friends were well, better. She wondered if she'd see Israel today. He was SOOOO cute.

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"I know..." He mumbled looking down at the book. "Do you know this Dr.Kelly? She has my last name but I'm not sure why." He said examining the book and ring on his finger. "Do you know what this means?" He asked looking at her. He took another swig of apple juice and continued looking down at it. He didn't really like not figuring it on his own sometimes. Its annoying and gets to him.

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dany (elothwen) (view spoiler)

Charlotte looked at the ring on his finger. "That's a wedding ring, pal. Looks like you tied the knot early. What, you can't be more than 25, right? Dr. Kelly is your long-time companion."
She turned her head as another girl entered, one who seemed all too excited for her liking.

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dany (elothwen) ((I thought Dr. Kelly was in lab 3))

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dany (elothwen) ((She is in lab 3, i think you're confused Cici lol))

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((oh, i thought nvm. ill delete. tee-hee!))

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"Oh well it couldn't be possible i never met her before just once." He said looking at her. "That cant be possible." He said looking at her in disbelief. "I couldnt be married." Nick said looking at her desperately. He couldnt beleve this. Dr. Kelly was waaay out of his league. Why did he married her? He didn't know at all.

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dany (elothwen) "Well, it sure seems like it. Sometimes she talks about her husband, and how she wants to "save" him. Maybe he's an atheist, maybe he's you, I don't know," Charlotte said, shrugging. She was teasing him. Of course she knew. Nick, his name was.

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((It might be short...I'm on iPad it it may look short))

Nick looked at her, "Oh...I guess so but I barely know her!" He said looking at her annoyed. "Dr.Kelly can't be my wife, it said she was married but her husband died In a car crash!" He said looking at her sadly. "I'm not sure if your correct or the research is correct." He shrugged. Nick wasn't sure at all he just wanted the real answer. She talked to him about if he was okay but she never came back to see him. "I still don't under stand."

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Ella-Marie came in the lab hugging herself with frown. Dr.Kelly told her to come here for some reason. She has never been anywhere besides Lab 1. She felt herself shaking because she was scared and didn't like being told what to do without reason. She looked around slowly waiting for some answers from anyone.

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Mae came over to the new girl, "Hey! Who are you? I don't think I've seen you around before? What's you're name? I'm Mae," she started talking rapidfire.

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Nick looked up from talking to the other girl and walked up, "Be back." He walked straight towards them both. "Hey you okay? Who told you to come here, your better in lab 1 still, and you cant actually speak to a lab 1 subject yet due to her mind still developing." Nick said in a mocking tone of Dr.Kelly. He didn't understand why though.

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Mae said, "Leave her alone Nick. You'll probably forget about this whole conversation in 10 minutes anyways. I can be her friend if I want to and you can't stop me." She stood up tall. She wrapped and arm around the new girl, grinning she said to her, "You and I are gonna be bffs."

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Ella looked over at her with an emotionless face. She has never met anyone besides the doctors in Lab 1. She let out a sigh then face the girl then at the boy. She gave her a blank look, "Ella-Marie" She looked at her fingers and dint look up again.

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"Why should I? I know her from the lab, she was with me the whole time Mae!" He argued looking at her. "Mae i only forgot only one piece of information, why this stupid thing is on my finger." He yelled looking back at the scared Ella.

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"Quiet down, quiet down," MAe said, "Your here and I'm talking to you, why can't I talk to her? How do you know the wife you forgot didn't send her? Hm? Be nice. It's funner!"

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Ella stepped back slowly feeling her eyes widened. She closed her eyes and in panic she started using her light manipulation. She started to glow slightly still breathing heavily with a frown. She was getting overwhelmed and it didn't work when she tried to do excersises she was taught to calm down.

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"Well...im still putting the pieces together." He mumbled quietly and helped Ella stay down. "Dr.Kelly isn't my wife even if each biography i read about her it said her husband died in a car crash with this guy named Jesse." He said quietly loud enough for them to hear.

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Mae sighed, "Hey, hey, hey, sweetie. Chill. What you need is a drink. The have lemonade over there in the corner. Hey, hey, calm down."

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Ella looked at her and shook her head. She hated this being talked to like a child or if she wasn't there. She looked at her with a small frown, "No Thank You"

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Mae said, "Look, it'll be alright. I swear."

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"Don't talk to the first five like babies, they hate that." Nick mumbled. He was never talked to like a baby since he was in lab 1 also. "Ella who sent you here?" Nick asked kindly not talking to her like she was a baby.

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Mae said, "Nick, you of all people should know I talk to everyone else. I'm just trying to help, but glowing isn't exactly helping."

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"Well it is for the lab 1 people, its a warm up to cool down their mind." He said partially annoyed. Wow he really didn't get along well with that many girls..

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"Dr.Kelly sent me here for some reason and I apologize for freaking out for a moment" She said this with emotion, "I didn't mean to glow"

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"Oh yeah Dr. Jules Kelly..." He sighed then his mind goes up. "Wait i remember her a little bit.." Nick was happy in the inside but knew that wouldnt happen.

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Mae bit her lip, "Sorry. I just wanted to help." She went over to the corner. She was sensitive and she had just been trying to help the new girl. Why did Nick have to be so mean?

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Nick noticed her and sighed. "Hey I'm sorry...i got worked up." He said grabbing at her arm as she walked past him. "I really cant remember anything and i feel terrible, I'm sorry Mae." He sighed. Nick didn't really mean to hurt her at all.

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"I am sorry Mae I really am sorry how I was acting towards you both." She said with a real smile showing her dimples. She went through her hair to show her full face.

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"It's alright. This obviously isn't my area of expertise." Mae smiled a little at Ella. She was really genuinely sensitive. She couldn't help it. She placed a hand on Nick's shoulder, "You'll remember and Dr. Kelly is one of my close friends. She adores you and she alway will even if you don't remember her."

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"Yeah thanks, i never really met her except waking up in the hospital seeing her right there with a few other doctors." Nick sighed looking down. "By the way its alright Ella." He smiled a little

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"You have. That's just all you remember. You to are cute."

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Ella smiled lightly at them, "I have a question" She asked this seriously before looking serious, "Why are we here anyway?"

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dany (elothwen) ((.-.))

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Mae said, "Our brains are weird so they try to make us normal. Sometimes I think they don't like us..."

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"Oh thanks.." Nick turned red and looked back at Ella. "Eh we have to practice this." He used technopathy and he looked back at them and then he lost focus. "Agh." He mumbled putting his hands on his hand.

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((Join us lily come over to them))

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Mae shrugged and continued on her way to the corner.

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