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message 1: by ~•Scout•~ (last edited Aug 18, 2009 03:00PM) (new)

~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) So here are the charries like the others.

Nemo- Regan
Dory- Minnie
Deb/flo- Scout
Bruce- Jim-bob
Chum- Jordan
Crush- Scout
Squirt- Paiz
Mr. Ray- Scout

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Squirt! Please!

message 3: by Regan (new)

Regan  Carson | 124 comments Nemo? oh and Paiz wanted Squirt btw

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 32 comments yikes! haven't whatched that sense i went to the dentist, 1-3 years ago. can't remember....

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 32 comments what's that little turtles name? goes he have a name? if no one had him or requested him(whoever he is,) could i have him??

message 6: by ~•Scout•~ (new)

~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) Awww man I wanted Squirt.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 32 comments is squirt the turtle or are you talking to someone else???

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 32 comments anywho, i am waching it now..

message 9: by ~•Scout•~ (new)

~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) Squirt is the little turtle, but he's taken.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 32 comments right. i shall come back to this in two or three hours. i am whatching it, scanning geneology pictures and documents into the computer, and keeping up to date on goodreads. sheesh! *head spinning*!!

message 11: by ~•Scout•~ (new)

~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) LOL, good luck with that.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 32 comments i'll need it!!!

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

I'll take Dory! And Paiz can have Squirt.

message 14: by ~•Scout•~ (new)

~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) I almost deleted it.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 32 comments can i have bruce?

message 16: by ~•Scout•~ (new)

~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) Of course.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 32 comments muahahahaha!!! hank-ew!

message 18: by Miinnniiiiie(: (new)

Miinnniiiiie(: actually i called dory in the movie rp ideas

message 19: by ~•Scout•~ (new)

~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) sorry

message 20: by Miinnniiiiie(: (new)

Miinnniiiiie(: well i did

message 21: by Miinnniiiiie(: (new)

Miinnniiiiie(: lol. nvm ill take bubbles

message 22: by Miinnniiiiie(: (new)

Miinnniiiiie(: i thought peach was the starfish

message 23: by Miinnniiiiie(: (new)

Miinnniiiiie(: nope bubbles is the yellow

message 24: by ~•Scout•~ (new)

~•Scout•~ (doggeyworld) I didn't put the octopus down, sorry.

message 25: by Miinnniiiiie(: (new)

Miinnniiiiie(: lol

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

I'll take Chum.

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