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Blood Type:

Appearance(pictures no links):

Face claim: Ariana Grande

Eye color:
Description(4 sentences):
Body Type:

Likes(can add more):

Dislikes(can add more):

Strengths(can add more):

Weaknesses(can add more):

History(at least five sentences):

Reletionship status:
What lab are you in?(1-10):

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[First Name] Ella-Marie
[Middle Name] Chance
[Last Name] Petrova
[Aliases] Ella Bella
[Gender] Female

[Age] 15 years old
[Blood Type] AB+


Ella is very outgoing and sweet when you get to know her. When you first meet her she stutters and apologizes quickly. She is very compassionate to anyone even its her enemies which is rare. She forgets anything easily and usually zones out on serious conversations. She also sleeps anywhere as soon as she feels tired. She doesn’t usually talk to guys because she feels nervous and overwhelmed. The only male she would talk to is her brother, Koda, before he was alive and if not she has a panic attack. People are attracted to her because she very loyal and compassionate. She never tells anyones secret behind her backpack. She doesn’t hold a grudge and she is very forgiving. She has respect and understanding of people's differences. She has a great wisdom from a young age and also very observant. She always ends up being the peacemaker between her friends

She comes from a weird past that she could barely remember. Troye She was once of high royalty along with her brother, Koda, before their Mother died of cancer. She would be her father’s punching bad and also his little toy. When Koda couldn’t let this happen to her anymore they both ran away together. He died a couple of years later protecting her from a gunshot. She still puts a smile on her face soon she was accepted in another family. They don’t even know about her current secrets or what she can do all that she knows is that she needs to keep to herself.
[Family Members]
Mother- Deceased

Relationship: None
Friends: N/A

☼ Dancing
☼ Drawing
☼ Singing
☼ Acting
☼ Reading

☁ Rudeness
☁ Burping
☁ Water
☁ Rain

√ Loyal
√ Compassionate
√ Discernment
√ Good Sense of Humor
√ Trustworthy
√ Good Advice

✖ Naive
✖ Dyslexia
✖ Forgetful
✖ Pets

Friends: Anyone
What lab are you in?(1-10): 1


And she just want to say.................

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Its awesome!

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Thanks Love!

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Wonder which charrrie should i start with..

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I might make another one lol!!

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its okay

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