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Ask your questions here

message 2: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Explain the Labs please? I don't get it.
Also, are the characters like Lucy?

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The labs are for making sure your powers won't infect other people so you can go into the world and somewhat characters aren't like lucy.

message 4: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) But are some? Like, 100% brain use?
And I meant, can you explain what each lab is for?

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Almost 100%

Oh the first five are making sure your brain capacity hasn't reached 100 yet so you won't got crazy. They will try to limit the brain capacity if its already full then apparently your mind has to deal with reality. The other five is just for the people who were lowered in brain capacity to normal and they are safe to go out.

message 6: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Are they stages, the first five? Like, number five is the most brain capacity?

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no number 1

message 8: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Okay, it's still not very clear.
In the last five do they still have almost a hundred percent?
Making characters like Lucy wouldn't even make sense if they're just in five labs the whole time.

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okay the last five are perfect and they sometimes get to leave the labs if the people in the building approved of it. Mostly the ones from the first five break out and go mental around taking over and injecting other people that don't have it. They have the sirum in vials stolen from the labratorys so yeah.

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sorry since I'm very bad at summarizing

message 11: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Those in the last five are not mentally ill, okay. Do they have almost 100% brain capacity?

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dany (elothwen) You should make a thread saying their abilities

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can you tell me what you wish to be on tha thread? I will make it tomorrow or today.

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dany (elothwen) I'll go watch the Lucy trailer and see what she has, then based on things relating to your mind message you a list.

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message 17: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) How did they get the ability to use that much of their brain?
What year is it?
What are the people at the lab aiming to do?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 17 comments Gotta love your questions, Lily.

message 19: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) oh thanks

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1) Its like kind of like lucy's reason; Lab people were testing it out on one of the doctors by putting a drug in her system. When it went wrong it spread as the new sickness, nobody knows how it spreader

2) 2014

3) Trying to elimate the other 90% usage of the brain to get these people to normal.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 17 comments Are you choosing what lab our characters go in, or are we?

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

you will but if you want me to choose I'm fine with that.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 17 comments I think I'd like if you choose.

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okay are you done??

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 17 comments Not yet, but soon

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okay :)

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dany (elothwen) I just realized age isn't even included on the template

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i added it on

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