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Kwayne29 | 2 comments 80k, 53 Chapter YA Sci-Fi Novel.

Looking for a Beta reader, who is easy to get along with and can possibly develop a long-term work relationship with. I'm in the editing stages of my work and am currently on the fourth draft. Below is the blurb for my book to get a better idea if the project is for you.

Lucas Keller is awoken in the middle of the night by a strange noise. No, it’s knocking at his front door. Two words enter his mind, The Gathering. A dreaded time when children who posses unnatural abilities are collected by their nation, their government, Titan.

He’s stripped away from his mother and sister and thrown into a new world, filled with strange faces and terrible truths, Titan Island.

Everything was fine between the teens on the island before Lucas arrived. They did as they were told and established an order. But, what happens when Lucas challenges that order and goes against everything he once believed in to help all of them escape? Events unravel that make him question whether he’ll be the same once it’s all over AND leave him wondering who his true enemy is.

email is

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Michelle (michelledunbar) | 15 comments I've emailed you.

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