Burn (Breathless, #3) Burn question

Too quick, to fairytale...too much even for Hollywood
Spela buzdon Spela Jul 23, 2014 03:58AM
I mean... please!!!! what's that... one week and he knows it's forever... I'm a romantic soul but that's so predictable and fast ... the first book was o.k. but this one is just..the same as the second

I hated this book. I loved the first two and was looking forward to Ash's story as he did seem the most interesting but the author failed greatly to deliver. Plus I didn't like his love interest either. Josie was just awful. And I don't like the way the series ended. This book could have been better. Much, much, much better.

This series overall was a miss for me. The first one was OK, but I felt like they went down hill after that. I felt like the men lost some of the masculinity and alpha-ness when they fell in love. And IMO, that would enhance it.

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Jul 24, 2014 04:07PM · flag
Michelle °O° I hated this whole series too. The first book started out good but after what Gabe did I couldnt get past that and the other two I DNF.
Aug 02, 2014 02:05PM · flag

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