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A.F. (scribe77) | 369 comments Mod
Your Romance Daisy Chain (Continue the Adventure) Story.
The Story Begins March 23rd...

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Ashley M. Nestler (amnestler) | 110 comments description

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Lizzi Tremayne (lizzitremayne) | 16 comments I'd just finished injecting a sick cow when I saw an old girl standing in the paddock beside the cowshed.
"What's with her, John?"
"She's been dragging her toes, barely moving since she calved last week and she’s off her tucker," John Munroe said, glancing away. "She's been a good 'un." He shook his head, blinking.
The ancient Jersey, the knowledge of the world in her big, soft eyes, raised her head and gave him a long look. She dropped it again, not eating, despite the grass before her.
"How old is she?"
"Last count, nineteen." He swallowed hard. "Calved every year, usually a heifer."
"So why is she up here?" I said, a sick feeling growing in the pit of my stomach.
I followed his glance to the shiny car in the cowshed roundabout. Madsen. Stock agent persona non gratis at my block.
“We might be able to help her,” I said, with a frown at the vehicle, “if you’re not ready to let her go yet.”
His eyes shot to my face. Hope leapt, then the shutters slammed shut again.

Go for it, authors!

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