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Fariba (fariba33) | 7 comments Mod
Text available through The Latin Library: http://www.thelatinlibrary.com/holber...

Praefatio Apologetica - January
Caput I - January and February
Caput II - March
Caput III - April and May
Caput IV - June and July
Caput V - August
Caput VI - August
Caput VII - September
Caput VIII - October
Caput IX (Warning: very long section) - November and December

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Lena_makridina | 1 comments Hello, Fariba. That's an interesting collection. I think next step might be Pliny Minor:)))) It's a shame that they don't have anything by Erasmus, it seems.

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Dash A | 4 comments Erasmus can be found in archive. Org and google books for the most part and it is probably in microfilm accessed by libraries for the rest

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