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Stina's Challenge 2018 > Summer Prompt: A book set on a different continent

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message 1: by Stina (new)

Stina (stinalyn) | 591 comments Mod
This was a summer-specific prompt last year, so I'll be saving it for my summer reading challenges starting sometime in May.

I doubt I'll need to plan for this one at all. Surely I'll just happen to read something not set in North America.

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura | 144 comments My first book of the year was set in Japan and originally written in Japanese, making this a double-dip book. In the Miso Soup was quite good, though graphic and gory. Psychothriller that takes place in the red-light district of Japan. Not for everyone, but I liked it.

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary Arkless | 142 comments I have just completed The Broken Shore by Peter Temple. I live in Europe, it is set in Australia. For me it could fill at least one other prompt (first learnt about on the internet, for example), but I'll leave it at that. It is a murder mystery, but I really like the way Temple describes little things, which made me almost feel as if I were there. For example, he described perfectly how the main characters dogs romped around the countryside whenever he took them for walks, how they interacted with him, etc. I'll be looking for more of his work. The one thing that detracted a bit from the story for me was, this obviously wasn't the first book with these characters.

message 4: by Cheryl (last edited Oct 06, 2018 03:36PM) (new)

Cheryl (6of8) | 220 comments Managed to cross this one off with Stalking Ivory.

Other books that fit this prompt (most of them counted for other prompts): Encore Provence
Facing the Lion
Planes, Trains, and Elephants
Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time
The Maltese Goddess
Three Wise Cats
An Irish Country Girl

message 5: by Stina (new)

Stina (stinalyn) | 591 comments Mod
Someone at a GenreLand meeting read The Little Lion King aloud to us all for the "cat on the cover" month. Running commentary was provided by fans of the movie. This book was not well received.

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