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message 1: by Stina (new)

Stina (stinalyn) | 591 comments Mod
I don't often do this, but there are certain visual motifs that tend to grab me. Timekeeper's cover really knew how to wind my gears. :-)

message 2: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (6of8) | 220 comments I did this one too!
If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name.
I liked the moose on the cover

message 3: by Mary (last edited Aug 16, 2018 03:06PM) (new)

Mary Arkless | 143 comments Under the Harrow by Flynn Berry

The colors are what first caught my eye, but what sold me was the following quote on the front cover: "I couldn't stop. It's like 'Broadchurch' written by Elena Ferrante.' from Claire Messud. I loved 'Broadchurch'.

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