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Painting by Numbers: How to sharpen your BS detector and smoke out the "experts"
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Jason Makansi | 2 comments I've spent the past year presenting to high school math and science teachers, and college quantitative literary and analysis professors, about my latest non-fiction work, Painting By Numbers. The title won Silver from Foreword Reviews for Social Sciences and Gold in the Independent Publisher's Book Awards.

It's easy to digest themes for numerical literacy have resonated in this "post-fact" political and cultural era we are going through.

I would be happy to answer any questions about it for folks in this group and hope you will consider it a resource for your own professional development, addition to your libraries, and your class or school reading lists.

Thank you!

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Ania | 1 comments Hello Jason, I would like to explore the concept. Can it be introduced to middle school students or is it too advanced?

Can you provide a short description of your work, it doesn’t sound familiar
To me



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Jason Makansi | 2 comments Ania-

Thanks for your interest.

I wrote it in that journalistic sense of virtually all newspapers (exceptions being The New York Times and Wall Street Journal) written to an 8th grade comprehension level. That said, it probably does require an adult's experience base to fully appreciate.

However, other educators (middle school through college) have told me they've been able to create lesson plans from it. It's structured as two main sections - twelve "commandments" that one should consider whenever they a numerical result, and then examples taken from the period of time I wrote the book (Feb 2016) - from newspaper articles, web sources, etc.

I could send you the TOC in a message, but it apparently won't copy here.

Here's the link:

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