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message 1: by Lana (new)

Lana  (Bibliomedico) (bibliomedico) | 47 comments Mod
The Discussion of the first 10 chapters of the Nightingale .....
Anyone who likes to talk about the first chapters , please post under this thread ...
Be careful if you haven't read those chapters yet (Spoilers Alert )...

message 2: by Shela (new)

Shela Anggeria | 8 comments omg the book is amazing, i was surprised by the war setting, it was my first historical fiction. i kinda admired isabelle nationalism, she was a brave girl, despite all her rebellious attitude :)

message 3: by Dahlia (last edited Jan 03, 2018 10:53AM) (new)

Dahlia Amr | 2 comments The book is beautiful . I am already attached to all the characters .
It broke my heart when Antoin left to join the army , i cried so much.
I love the fire in Isabelle soul and how she wants to help refusing to surrender . And i totally understand that Vianne wants to protect her daughter and she is afraid of the consequences of the war , i get it but still i feel like she needs to know that in war she will not be safe even if she followed all the orders . She should listen to Isabelle . Also Isabelle should listen to Vianne if she wants to help in war she is going to need to be more carful with her attitude so she won't get killed .
Basically the two sisters need to talk .Vianne needs to explain to her sister that she was young and afraid , she needs to tell her that she didn't abandon her , she was just desperate and going through a lot . they really need to forgive each other if they want to survive this war .
what i am really angry about is where is Gaetan , i thought i would keep his promise and take Isabelle to fight with him but guess what he left without explaining anything just a note a terrible note i just hope he won't be one the bad guys or we would find out that he is a spy .

the thing that i liked most about this book till now is that how it shows the conflict between looking at the German soldiers as killers but when they get to talk to them they see them as normal people but they are following orders and they are conquering a country and taking everything still they are people . i felt it specially when Vianne was talking with Herr Beck .

message 4: by Aisyah (new)

Aisyah Maulidina (aisyahmldn) | 3 comments This book is beyond amazing. It keeps me thirsty and craving for more World War II stories. I love Isabelle. I want to be brave like her. In her world, there are no grey. Everything is black or white. She's just a pure 19 years old girl who ever feel broken. Everyone leave her since young age, she's alone. And her father don't want her and her sister busy with her own life. But I love how Isabelle choose to be brave, not fragile after every scar that she got.

message 5: by Lana (new)

Lana  (Bibliomedico) (bibliomedico) | 47 comments Mod
Amazing comments on the first chapters ....
I totally agree with you all ....
Isabelle is a strong ,misunderstood and wounded character but I love her so much , I think she needs to listen and feel more of conflicts and situations of her sister , and the people around her , ....
For Vianne , she is a mother and a wife ,she is just afraid for her family which is totally normal , but I think she should talk more to Isabelle and make herself understandable .....
I'm really loving this novel , the descriptions are awesome ,Kristin Hannah has a great ability in writing .....

message 6: by BMAD_addicts (new)

BMAD_addicts | 7 comments I am in love with this book 😍😍. I have to admit I start this book with zero expectation cause it's my first time reading historical fiction, but the author is clearly so GOOD!! I can't stop flipping the page. And the way the author writes it ❤❤ i can clearly envision the scenes in my mind.

So far I really like both of the sisters. Isabelle is so smart, brave and strong!! And I agree with everyone she is often misunderstood and bear as many wound as Vianne, i hope she will grow as a character throughout the book and to be more considerate to the people around her. As for Vianne she is strong in her own way and wants nothing more than protecting her daughter and I agree with Lana about being more open to Isabelle (they should sit down and TALK it out). Btw what happen to Gaetan he just LEFT?? i expect more explanation regarding this throughout the book (it's my first ship for the book!!)

message 7: by — ban✨ (new)

— ban✨ (beaslaysah) | 4 comments So far, this book is amazing and very interesting. I still can't pick whether I'm with Isabelle on rebelling against the Nazi, or with Vianne for trying to keep her daughter safe, but I think I'm leaning more onto Isabelle's side. Can't wait to finish it, I'm so excited for the ending!

(Also, what happened to Gaetan??? Did he leave for good? Is he ever coming back? Because to be honest, I ship him with Isabelle more than Henri.)

message 8: by Alifia (new)

Alifia (aliviaawin) | 1 comments Phew, finally finished the first 10 chapters

I totay agree with you all. Isabelle IS a brave young woman. I think Isabelle became a reckless person due to her childhood when she just left out from people she love most. Her mother died, her father sent her far away, her sister practically shut her by getting married and starting family of her own. I think all she wanted afterall was to be listened, to be recognized, and on top of it, to feel loved. She cared her sister, her father, and her niece. That's why she didn't want any Nazis get near any of them. She saw Nazi as enemy

Vianne, in other hand, was naturally a mother. All she cared about was her husband and daughter's safety. She would do all it take to ensure their safety. That's why she always warned Isabelle for "not doing anything dangerous". She just wanted keep her daughter from harm and danger as long as possible. Even if that means having a Nazi captain staying at her own house.

message 9: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (writewhereiread) | 6 comments I swear I have started this book, lol. I'm on Chapter 7 right now. The book I have the writing is a bit small and thick so I can't always sit and read it for a long time. But good lord, Isabelle and Vianne's father...and the headmistress at Isabelle's last school...

'It's painful for a man to lose his wife.' Well of course it is! But wow no sympathy for the child who lost a mother. Got it. I know the time era, but still doesn't mean I won't be like 'really, that's just so heartless to say!'

More to come when I reach chapter 10.

message 10: by Ariel (new)

Ariel Hess (librariel17) | 4 comments I was so sad as well when Antoin left for the war and I felt even worse when she found out he was captured. I wanted to cry for V. She feels so week but is stronger than she assumes. She continues to be naive and trust others.
Isabel has been through the worst time since the French surrendered. She has spunk and wants to help. I’m excited to see what happens to them and how she helps the war effort.’

message 11: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (writewhereiread) | 6 comments I'm only on Chapter 8 now, so I'm not bothered by spoilers at the moment. I do like Isabelle. Sometimes I don't care for so much description and I tend to skim rather than read, lol. I hope I'm not the only one who does that.

I am liking this book, though. I'm glad for the book club so that I can finally read it.

message 12: by Nathalie (new)

Nathalie Enoch Fröchte | 5 comments This is such a beautiful book. I really like historical fiction books, they are really interesting and while reading you get to know a little bit about the given time period or event, which in this case is the Second World War. It’s so interesting to read about Isabelle and her rebellion, and I didn’t even think about her joining an opposition group. This will definitely be a 5 star book for me, I can feel it!

message 13: by Rianne (new)

Rianne (bouquetofbooks) | 6 comments I'm so happy I decided to join this book club and I'm finally starting to venture outside of the genres that I usually read. This is my first Historical Fiction and I am so surprised by how much I love it already! I just finished the first 10 chapters and I agree with a lot of what you all have said.

First of all, it crushed me when Antoin left!! I love Kiristin Hannah's writing style and the days Vianne spent with Antoin painted such a beautiful picture in my mind of their little family, enjoying their life in a beautiful countryside... and when he got drafted into war it just broke my heart!

So, Isabelle. Wow, what a brave young woman! I really admire her persistence and that she wants to fight for what she believes in. I will agree with those of you that have said she needs to watch her attitude because it WILL get her killed. I hope she can get control of her emotions while still fighting for what she believes in. Also, Gaetan made me furious when he left her, but I cant say I really ever trusted him to begin with.

I am really looking forward to how the story develops, and will be reading this book a lot more next week so I hope to be posting in the next discussions soon! :) Happy reading <3

message 14: by Heba (new)

Heba (Bookaholic Throne) | 2 comments I'm finished chapter 5 now i love writing style so much but ch5 got me so confused! how Isabelle agreed the words of this boy so quickly without knowing him will i can't imagine that i see this charter move the soo fast !! but i'm obsessed with the book mood 😍

message 15: by Amera (new)

Amera (artimies) | 3 comments I’m really enjoying this book .. the atmosphere is heart breaking .. the author succeeded to show us a fragment of how it feels to be defeated but still with hope through Isabelle’s eyes .. the characters are amazing and complex... Captain Beck the German invader , I hope to see more of his character , I hope the author didn’t end up making him just an evil shallow character

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