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King of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Help! Post-apocalyptic book (probably) - Guy brings gun to a sword fight. [s]

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Harry | 14 comments Hi everyone. Have posted here before with great success so gonna give it another go. Once again memory is very vague and could well be mixing books, but here goes..

I think the book in question was post-apocalyptic. One plot arc has a protagonist train night and day with a sword in order to challenge another to a duel. He is probably the second best in the world, but is told repeatedly he still isn't good enough and will lose. Nonetheless the duel goes ahead, and goes something like this.

Protagonist: "Do you know why I have trained so hard to face you?"
Bad guy: Shrugs, draws sword, "So you would last a few moments longer?"
Protagonist: "No. So you would *think* I thought I had a chance."
He then pulls out an ancient revolver - which no one recognizes - and shoots him.

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Harry | 14 comments I think this is indeed it. Solved! Thank you very much, quick work.

Ashley | 280 comments You’re welcome =)

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