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These are the rules for being a moderator. This only affects those who are moderators.

1. Please talk to me first about a new idea before putting it into the group.
2. If you are taking something from someone else’s group please either change it to make it your own or ask for permission to use it from the creator.
3. If someone comes to ask you about using one of my ideas in another group please direct them to me. I will do the same if someone asks to use one of your ideas in another group.
4. Please don’t send broadcast messages unless I say you can. If I say that you can I will try my best to leave what to put in that message somewhere.
5. Don’t edit any of the group settings without my permission.
6. Don’t delete any threads created in the group by myself or any of the members unless they are inappropriate.
7. Let me know if you are going to be offline for a long period of time. If you are inactive in the group for longer then six months you will no longer be a moderator.
8. If any of the moderator rules are broken you will no longer be a moderator.
9. This list will be updated and all new rules added will be effective immediately.
10. Have fun!

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