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Character and Setting

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AshlynH2 Book Report by: Ashlyn Herbst
Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson is excited to go to camp Half-Blood, until he finds out that Thalia's tree has been poisoned.  The camp’s magical borders are down and the camp is pretty much burned to the ground.  Now it’s up to Percy and his friends to save the camp.  

Annabeth is a smart girl.  She is a daughter of Athena.  Annabeth has blonde hair, and gray stormy eyes.  She is an athletic girl.  Annabeth is the head of the Athena cabin, although she is one of the youngest campers she has been there the longest.  Annabeth has been on one quest, and completed it.  Annabeth lives at camp Half-blood year around.  She can figure out just about any puzzle.  She is excellent at figuring out problems, and obstacles.  She wants to be an architect when she is older, but doesn’t think anybody will take her serious with her blonde hair, and gray eyes.  But she is excellent at designing buildings.  

The main setting of the book takes place in the sea of monsters.  There is lots of little islands all around.  To get into the sea of monsters they have to pass by two monsters.  They are on cliffs and are almost impossible to get around.  One of the monsters will suck you the water and everything else in it.  The second monster will snatch people on the ship and eat them.  The second place they went to was a really nice island with a big really nice resort.  That is where Percy Jackson gets turned into a guinea pig.  The island has a really nice swimming pool, free massages, and just about anything else you want.  It is like a dream vacation resort.  The next island they come to has the sirens on it.  It is a very dark and gloomy island.  It has bones from dead animals, old ships that have been wrecked.  The sirens will sing and will show you what your fatal flaw is.  The last island is beautiful.  It is super lush and green, no pollution, nothing artificial built anywhere.  It has the golden fleece on it which is what Percy Jackson is looking for.  When they take the Fleece the island turns back to an ugly island with dead trees, and very dry and sick looking.  They finally end their quest at camp Half-Blood.  

This book was awesome! I have read it like five times and I can’t get enough of it.  It has a lot of action and adventure.  There is never a dull moment.  Rick Riordan knows how to write with lots of detail and character.  I feel like I know the characters personally.  This book is by far one of his best ones he has written.  I would recommend this book to anyone from fifth grade and up.  

quq That was great! Thumbs-up!

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