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Riveted Reading Challenge 2018 > Read a book (any genre) starring a queer character of color

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Christina (dinobrarian) | 697 comments Mod
Read a book (any genre) starring a queer character of color

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Christina (dinobrarian) | 697 comments Mod
Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

Like I mentioned on the Popsugar Challenge, Meddling Kidsis a twist on the Scooby Doo gang as 20-something that didn't amount to anything- well, except that Fred is dead, Shaggy(Nate) has mental problems, Daphne(Andy) had an unrequited thing for Velma, Velma(Kerri) was too smart to get a decent job, and Scooby(Sean) had children whom also had children (resulting in Tim, the funniest animal narration I have ever read).

The characters are all mashed up and then done differently, but I interpreted Kerri as Velma (because her brains are her best feature, despite her lively orange hair, which would be a Daphne thing) and Andy as Daphne.

Anyways, one of our characters Andy (short of Andrea) is described as a woman of color (albeit a little unclear) and it becomes clear early on (and later made very clear) that she is in love with Kerri and always has been. No one she's dated could be her and she hopes that getting the gang back together will give this, and other things, a chance to come out.

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Melissa (readinthecorner) | 108 comments As the Crow Flies by Melanie Gillman

As the Crow Flies is a short graphic novel featuring a queer, black girl on a journey of self-discovery. While not overly exciting (most of the panels feature conversations), this was a great book about acceptance and representation.

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