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Mirliz | 373 comments Keeping track of my challenges and Books of the Month.

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Mirliz | 373 comments BOOKS OF THE MONTH

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Mirliz | 373 comments Sub-genre Challenge: Fantasy
Duration: 1.1.2014 - no limit
Level: Lord Commander (41-42 books) | Progress: 11/42 (26%)

Alternate World Fantasy

Arcanepunk Fantasy

Arthurian Fantasy

Bangsian Fantasy

Celtic Fantasy

Christian Fantasy

Comic Fantasy

✓ Coming-of-Age Fantasy: Sabriel (Abhorsen #1); by Garth Nix [1.30.2014] ♥♥♥

Contemporary Fantasy

✓ Court Intrigue Fantasy: A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire #2); by George R.R. Martin [1.21.2014] ♥♥♥♥

Cross Over Fantasy

Dark Fantasy

Dying Earth Fantasy

✓ Epic Fantasy: The Final Empire (Mistborn #1); by Brandon Sanderson [6.28.2015] ♥♥♥♥♥

Erotic Fantasy

✓ Fairytale & Fable Fantasy: A Kiss in Time; by Alex Flinn [12.29.2015] ♥♥♥♥

Fantasy of Manners

Gritty Fantasy

High Fantasy

Historical Fantasy

Heroic Fantasy

✓ Juvenile or Children's Fantasy: De tre nycklarna (Englamark #1); by Mia Söderberg [7.17.2015] ♥♥

Literary Fantasy

Low Fantasy

Magic Realism Fantasy

Medieval Fantasy

Military Fantasy

✓ Mythic Fantasy: The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2); by Rick Riordan [6.22.2015] ♥♥♥

✓ New Weird / Slipstream Fantasy: Un Lun Dun; by China Miéville [1.22.2016] ♥♥

Prehistoric Fantasy

✓ Quest Fantasy: The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1); by Robert Jordan [1.31.2016] ♥♥♥♥

Romantic Fantasy

✓ Science Fantasy: The Bone Season (The Bone Season #1); by Samantha Shannon [7.8.2015] ♥♥♥♥♥


Steampunk Fantasy

Superhero Fantasy

Swashbuckling Fantasy

Sword and Sorcery Fantasy

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Fantasy

✓ Vampire Fantasy: Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1); by Richelle Mead [1.24.2014] ♥♥♥

Wuxia Fantasy

✓ Young Adult Fantasy: Red Queen (Red Queen #1); by Victoria Aveyard [9.21.2015] ♥♥♥♥

Sabriel (The Old Kingdom, #1) by Garth Nix A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) by George R.R. Martin Mistborn (Mistborn, #1) by Brandon Sanderson A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn De tre nycklarna (Englamark #1) by Mia Söderberg Monsterhavet (Percy Jackson, #2) by Rick Riordan Un Lun Dun by China Miéville The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time, #1) by Robert Jordan The Bone Season (The Bone Season, #1) by Samantha Shannon Törst (Vampire Academy, #1) by Richelle Mead Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) by Victoria Aveyard

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Mirliz | 373 comments Finish That Sentence
Duration: 1.1.2016 - no limit
Level: Deputy Managing Editor (100-109 books) | Progress: 15/101

"A woman's place is..."
"Can you look me straight in the eye and tell me that..."
"Did you ever..."
"Did you know that..."
"Does this dress make me look..."
"Don't drink the water here, it's filled with..."
✓ "Every day we attack them with..." The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time #5); by Robert Jordan [9.25.2016] ♥♥♥♥
✓ "Everyone loves a..." Bodyguard; by Robert Tine [5.9.2017] ♥♥
"Everything is..."
"For breakfast I had..."
"Happiness is..."
"He came to..."
❑ "How is it possible that I've never heard of..." The Path of Daggers (Wheel of Time #8); by Robert Jordan
❑ "I can't believe it was..." The Polar Express; by Chris Van Allsburg
"I can't wait until..."
"I confess, I..."
"I feel better after drinking..."
"I hate it when certain people..."
"I have a horrible..."
"I learned the hard way that..."
✓ "I left him/her..." Lost in a Good Book (Thursday Next #2); by Jasper Fforde [2.23.2016] ♥♥♥
"I like my men..."
✓ "I love taking 'selfies' with..." My Best Friend's Girl; by Dorothy Koomson [10.4.2017] ♥♥♥♥
"I love to dance and sing with..."
"I often wonder why I bother to..."
✓ "I used the money for..." A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time #7); by Robert Jordan [1.11.2019] ♥♥♥
"I want to eat my lunch with..."
❑ "I went to my prom with..." Victoria; by Daisy Goodwin
"I wonder why..."
"I would do anything for you, except..."
"I wouldn't be caught dead..."
"I wrestled a..."
"I'd like to teach the world to sing, but..."
"I'd like to travel to..."
✓ "I'd rather be..." Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time #6); by Robert Jordan [6.23.2018] ♥♥♥♥
"I'd tell you with my dying breath that..."
"I'm in love with my..."
✓ "I'm really looking forward to..." The Wedding (The Notebook #2); by Nicholas Sparks [2.19.2017] ♥♥♥
"I'm training to be a..."
"If I could live anywhere, it would be..."
"If I had one superpower that would be..."
"If I'd known you were coming, I'd have..."
"If only I had a dollar for every time I thought of..."
"If only I had..."
"If you are ever chased by zombies, try..."
✓ "If you can't beat them, ..." Eat, Pray, Love; by Elizabeth Gilbert [1.21.2017] ♥♥♥
"If you had written a book, you would call it..."
"In a land far, far way..."
✓ "In the garden I found..." The Dragon Reborn (Wheel of Time #3); by Robert Jordan [4.3.2016] ♥♥♥♥
"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's..."
"It's time for..."
"It took..."
❑ "It was a dark and stormy night, just perfect for..." The Lighthouse (Adam Dalgliesh #13); by P.D. James
"It's rabbit season! It's Duck season! No, it's..."
✓ "Last night I dreamed I was..." The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5); by Rick Riordan [2.2.2017] ♥♥♥♥♥
✓ "Last night I dreamt of..." The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time #4); by Robert Jordan [5.31.2016] ♥♥♥♥
✓ "Last night I was walking in the park and saw..." The Historian; by Elizabeth Kostova [2.10.2016] ♥♥
"Look out behind you, it's a..."
"My father always said, ..."
"My favorite time of the year is..."
"My most embarrassing moment was when..."
"My mother always told me to..."
"My neighbor wants me to help her..."
❑ "My personal motto is..." All's Well That Ends Well; by William Shakespeare
"My prom night was..."
"My secret talent is..."
"Once upon a time there was a..."
"Our paths will cross again when..."
"People always tell me..."
"People call me the..."
"Poor vampire, he's..."
"Right now is the perfect time to..."
❑ "Run, if you see..." The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time #12); by Robert Jordan
"She had a heart like..."
"Sometimes I have to..."
"That is a match made in..."
"That reminds me; I need to..."
✓ "That was definitely NOT your average..." Fangirl; by Rainbow Rowell [9.7.2016] ♥♥♥
"The best dream I ever had was about..."
"The best things in life are..."
"The night is still young and..."
"The shocking truth is..."
"The specialty of the day is..."
"The world needs more..."
✓ "The worst nightmare I ever had was about..." The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time #2); by Robert Jordan [3.3.2016] ♥♥♥♥
"Then I met..."
"Today's special is..."
"Tomorrow, let's go to..."
✓ "Welcome to..." The Secret Garden; by Frances Hodgson Burnett [11.16.2016] ♥♥♥
"What do you mean she said..."
"When I was little I wanted to be..."
"When I woke up this morning, I thought..."
"When I'm alone, I like to..."
"When no one's looking I like to..."
"When the weather is cold I like to..."
"When the weather is hot I like to..."
"Whenever I think of that time of year, I think of..."
"Will you stay and be my..."
"Will you stay..."
"Wouldn't it be nice if..."
"You couldn't pay me to..."

The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time, #5) by Robert Jordan Bodyguard by Robert Tine Lost in a Good Book (Thursday Next, #2) by Jasper Fforde Min bästa väns dotter by Dorothy Koomson A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7) by Robert Jordan Victoria by Daisy Goodwin Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time, #6) by Robert Jordan The Wedding (The Notebook, #2) by Nicholas Sparks Lyckan, kärleken och meningen med livet by Elizabeth Gilbert The Dragon Reborn (Wheel of Time, #3) by Robert Jordan Fyren (Adam Dalgliesh, #13) by P.D. James Striden om Olympen (Percy Jackson, #5) by Rick Riordan The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time, #4) by Robert Jordan Historikern by Elizabeth Kostova Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time, #2) by Robert Jordan The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Mirliz | 373 comments Summer: Camp Gottaread
Duration: 6.21.2018 - 9.21.2018
Level: Book Bandit (6-8 books) | Progress: 2/8

Climb the intimidating heights of Mount TBR
(Read books from your to-be-read stack)
The Buried Giant; by Kazuo Ishiguro ♥♥♥♥♥ [6/30]

Fish for new novels you never knew existed
(Read books you just discovered)

Hike the books you've felt were too big to read
(Read books you've always found intimidating)

Swim the seas of series you've always meant to finish but never have
(Read books in series you've meant to finish but never found the time to do so)
Golden Son (Red Rising #2); by Pierce Brown ♥♥♥♥ [6/26]

Explore the tales of new named authors
(Read books written by new-to-you authors)

Listen to Campfire tales
(Read assorted novellas or short stories in anthologies that are scary)

Gyllene sonen (Red Rising Trilogy, #2) by Pierce Brown The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

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