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The Apocalyptic Clock: How Patterns of History Forecast Geopolitics and Prophecy
This topic is about The Apocalyptic Clock
Edu & SelfHelp - Free Books > History follows a time pattern so consistently it generates forecasts of future events

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Tom Payne (tompayne) | 4 comments Free eBook through Jan 6. Here is the link:

History has followed a time pattern for thousands of years and this pattern is now approaching its culmination. If you wonder why this world seems upside down right now, this is why and it will get much worse.

Discover where we are in the flow of history and where we are headed, or continue to be discombobulated by the shocks and surprises of our time.

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Padma Subramanian | 1 comments Free eBook Aug 7th & 8th, 2018.
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