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message 1: by Deathburst (new)

Deathburst | 13 comments Hello,

When adding a book (e.g. ), the tooltip for the "title" field says that information about the series should be included in that field.

However, there is also a "Series" field used only for that purpose. Moreover, series information in the title field seem to be widely inaccurate and varying a lot between different editions of a given work.

See for instance:
-- some editions use "Green Rider"
-- some editions have nothing (I guess) and display the book format instead
-- a lot of foreign editions use the translated series name: "Cavalier Vert", "Yeşil Süvari", etc.
-- there is even a lone "Mage Wars" that I can't explain

You get the point.

So my question is: is the "title" field tooltip still accurate, and are we really supposed to put series data in the title? If no, then what's the current best practice? And if yes, is there some effort in place to unify this data across all editions of a given work?

Thanks a lot for your help,

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 01, 2018 05:42PM) (new)

Yes you should put it in the title field as that field shows except we leave the comma out most of the time but leaving it in is fine also. Looking at the link you provided See the 4th one down that only shows the title of the book? That one needs the series info added to the title field (as well as some others there)

How it shows on the title line is the proper way to set it up (with or without the comma)

That tool tip has a period at the end of their example, don't include that.

The series field is regarding the series page.

message 3: by Miriam (new)

Miriam | 1446 comments Series information in the title field is optional, but including it is the only way for the information to display on people's shelves so often people will add it.

Series information would also be edition specific. So if the book is in Spanish, the series name in the title field would typically be in Spanish (though the series link on the book page would hide this as the series link is not edition specific).

The librarian's manual has better information on what does and does not belong in the title field (edition information does not, but is usually the result of imports):

message 4: by Deathburst (new)

Deathburst | 13 comments OK, thanks for your input.

So it's optional, but generally expected. I'll try to include it properly in the books I add. :)

I infer that the current state isn't seen as a problem, and that no effort will be made to unify the various editions when some contain the information and some don't, correct?

Also, it's only tangentially related, but why is the list of editions displaying the book format, but only when there is no series information? The two pieces of information seem unrelated to me, and the book format should be displayed all the times or never, no matter which, but not based on series information availability...

@miriam : it's only a display issue, the book format is NOT actually included in the title field. E.g. this edition of Canary is displayed as "Canari (Paperback)" in the list of editions, but I know for a fact that the title field is just "Canari" (because I'm the one who added this edition to the database).

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