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message 1: by Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (last edited Jan 03, 2018 04:57PM) (new)

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Hi guys! Thank you so much for joining Roya and I for this readalong.

I'm splitting the first book up into four sections for discussion. As we go along (and the books gets longer :P ), we may split into smaller sections for discussion. I thought starting with four was a nice number to correspond roughly with weeks in the month. January this year technically is more like 4.5 weeks, but that just means you'll finish ahead of time! Let us know if you like this sort of set up!

I set up the discussions as spoiler discussions, so please finish the sections listed in the discussion title before going in there (or enter at your own risk!). I know some of us (like myself) have already read (some of) the books previously, so I'm wondering if it would be helpful to have a chapter by chapter summary available for us to review. I've found a few recaps and such online, but honestly they are full of spoilers! So I was thinking of making my own that are spoiler free. What do you guys think? Would that be helpful? Would you prefer non-spoiler discussions with people using spoiler tags as needed?

Please leave any questions or feedback on how the readalong is set up in this thread. We will respond as we can and any feedback is appreciated and will be taken into consideration!

EDIT: Chapter summaries have been added to the discussion boards by section.


Roya and Jade

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments Yes, a chapter summary would be great! Even if it's just the location and people, that's often enough to trigger the memory.

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
I thought that might help too! I just finished adding a link to chapter summaries for each section in their respective discussion posts. :)

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments Awesome! Thanks.

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments Also, do you think we could add sections for discussions of at least next few books? I know we're doing one book per month, but it might be nice to write down thoughts as soon as we finish reading each section of the books while it's fresh in our minds (and since I'm currently in book 3, my memories are already fading for earlier books).

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Sure! I'll work on the Book 2 stuff this weekend :)

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Ok book 2 discussion boards and chapter summaries have been posted! I'll probably post book 3 in 2-3 weeks. I'll try to keep the discussion boards at least 1 book ahead of schedule for awhile, but at some point I might not be able to do that once we get further in the series (as in when we get caught up to where I am in the series). We'll just play it by ear and see how it goes!

message 8: by Bookishrealm (new)

Bookishrealm | 1 comments I would love to participate, but I feel like I'm a little late. I had no idea that this was going on until today and I've never read any of the books, but I'll definitely try to jump in and participate as much as I can especially since I wanted to read this series or at least start it this year.

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Aww, I'm sorry Ashley (BookishRealm) that you just heard about the readalong! :( The discussion boards here will always be open for you to add your thoughts as you go along, so feel free to use them even if you're behind the official schedule. If you catch up next month then you can join us for the liveshow! :)

message 10: by Leanne Rivett (new)

Leanne Rivett (mummyrivett) | 14 comments Bookishreal, don’t worry start reading them and join in the boards you are on, you are not too far behind and I’m still on the first book third week in.

message 11: by Scott (new)

Scott Flicker | 107 comments Jade I’m curious when u will put the prequel book New Spring on the schedule. For this read through I read it first in December.

message 12: by Leanne Rivett (last edited Feb 06, 2018 02:13AM) (new)

Leanne Rivett (mummyrivett) | 14 comments Scott, I thought that too, although general consensus on booktube is that you need to have read a few of the books first to fully appreciate the lore contained within.

I found out about the prequel after I was 1/4 through the eye of the world and thought”oh no”, but it apparently it wasn’t published in full as a novel until after book 8.

message 13: by Scott (last edited Feb 07, 2018 06:40PM) (new)

Scott Flicker | 107 comments Yeah probably better to read it after a few of the main books. I found discussion elsewhere that u should wait to at least after book 6 but some feel u should wait till after 10.

New Spring might be very good for someone that has read some of the series in the past and starting over to read it first.

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Hey guys! We haven't really decided when we will be reading the prequel, but I would guess somewhere between book 6 and 10. Like others have said, it's recommended to read it after 6 at least. Publication order puts it after book 9, which I remember being a slow book for me.

Between 6 and 10 is where the series loses some momentum so it make sense to read it somewhere in there, but I'm open to suggestions on exactly when people are interested in reading it!

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments I vote for reading in publication order, so after book 9 sounds good to me.

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