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Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Remember these are spoilery discussions - so stay away unless you've finished this section! Also, please keep spoilers to the things we know in this section of the book.

I'm splitting this book up into four sections for discussion. As we go along (and the books gets longer :P ), we may split into smaller sections for discussion. I thought starting with four was a nice number to correspond roughly with weeks in the month. January this year technically is more like 4.5 weeks, but that just means you'll finish ahead of time!

What did you think about this last section of the book? Need a reminder? Here are the chapter summaries.

My favorite chapter: Way too many to say! I love so much of what happens in this section. Rand literally falling into Elayne's garden is one of my faves, the Ways are such and interesting place, and of course the ending was CrAzY.

Congrats! You finished the first book!

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments The ways are so terrifying! I hadn't really thought about it, but with the previous section and this section with the ways, this book has some serious elements of horror to it. So much suspense and waiting for something bad to happen - and then it does! Machin Shin is completely awful...

Fal Dara is such a cool place. I think perhaps it's modeled a little after Japan? Sort of a samurai-type feel with the politeness and formality, etc. I love the various borderland soldiers and the mixture of politeness and gruffness.

WHY did they think it a good idea to leave Padan Fain alive, though? Moraine knew how deeply he was corrupted...

Also, Lan and Nynaeve are some of my favorite characters in the series. They are often the voice of reason, which I appreciate. I very much want them to overcome the whole Warder-binding business and just live happily ever after. Perhaps not the point of this series, though...

The Green Man was such a sweet character. I liked him and wished he had been even more developed. The ending of the novel was intense, but somehow also passed a bit quickly for me. I could have dealt with another few chapters added on to give more detail to it.

Danni | 3 comments *I apologize in advance if I spelt all the names wrong. I don't have the book to check the spellings on all the names*

Was it just me or did Nynaeve and Lan's "love" come out of no where? I had to reread it a couple times, because I was like what?!?! I thought Lan and Moiriane had a thing, so that was a huge plot twist for me!

Also, can we talk about Moiriane listening to Rand and Ewgne's convo at the end? Like Moiriane knows what she's doing! I think Moiriane might be my favorite character!

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
(I don't like using goodreads "reply" function because I think it works in a silly way haha, so I'll just put people's names in front of my responses to their comments.... Hope nobody minds!)

Shannon: Yes the ways is SO scary, especially with Machin Shin. I agree that Fal Dara is probably modeled after some asian cultures (as are the Aiel I think). Lan and Nynaeve are also one of my favorite couples of the series, but I agree with Danni that on reread I realized how quickly that relationship formed. The Green Man is super interesting - you get to learn more about the history of that species in later books, I'll think you'll find that really interesting.

Danni: No worries about spelling! All the names in this series are impossible to spell or pronounce LOL. Haha, I don't remember if I thought that Lan and Moiraine had a thing the first time I read it, but they definitely have a strictly business relationship :) I don't know if i noticed it the first time, but when I most recently reread this book I thought the romance was a little rushed. But there are some clues to it sprinkled throughout the book too. Moiriane is definitely a REALLY interesting character and one of my faves of the series (I have a lot of faves though.... but she's up there!!).

message 5: by Adam (last edited Feb 03, 2018 03:27AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adam Söderlund | 4 comments Finished it! Unfortunately I won't be able to participate/watch the book discussion live, due to it being 9 PM here in Sweden and my being at a friend's birthday party. I do look forward to the VOD though.

I love the military formality of the inhabitants of Fal Dara, their sound judgment is refreshing when the characters previously have made some questionable decisions and lacked in communication. The fact that the Borderlands are at war and have been so for a very long time is communicated well.

Rand's involvement in the skirmish at Tarwin's Gap, and the sheer power he puts out, was epic!

I rate this book four stars. Have a nice discussion tonight (Swedish time)!

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Yay! I'm glad you finished the book and enjoyed it Adam. Fal Dara is definitely an interesting culture. If you like military tactics and such there is a lot more of that to come in the series! I'm sorry you can't make the liveshow because of the time difference :( Have fun at your friend's birthday party though!

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments Adam, I agree about Fal Dara. I think maybe it's based on Samurai culture? There seems to be a lot of the formality of Japanese culture, at least, and in the original cover for this book it looks to me like Lan is wearing a Samurai helmet... And yes, it's always refreshing in this series to see anyone at all making a good decision!

Adam Söderlund | 4 comments Shannon: It may definitely be modeled after Samurai culture. Regardless, I think it fits into the whole we-fight-perpetual-evil situation of the Borderlands (as you've pointed out).

Jade: I don't know why, but military power always impresses me, whether it be IRL or in fiction.

Everyone: Thank you for discussing the first book. I'm a little bit new to fantasy so I'll try to follow all the terminology (I'll google anything unknown). I am learning so much from you fantasy/book experts, so keep flexing your book-reading muscles!!

Other than that I can add that English isn't my native language so please excuse any silly mistakes. :)

On to the next book!

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
I'm glad you're picking up the fantasy lingo Adam! :) And I have to say, your english is very good, I wouldn't have guessed it wasn't your native language so don't worry about silly mistakes :)

message 10: by Mo (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mo (weneed_mobrown) | 26 comments So I TOTALLY called the Mat & dagger situation! I really liked how he can't be parted with it just yet, that really helps tie us into the next book!

I agree with Danni also, that romance was kindddd offff hinted at, but they all of a sudden were talking about marriage? It was a little rushed. But I also felt that way about most of the ending of this book like Shannon said.

I still can't decide if Moiriane is a good or bad character to Rand or not. We now know he's the Dragon obviously so he's SUPER important to her and the other Aes Sedai. Everyone has been saying that you can't completely trust them and so there has to be something to that. She already admitted that she would kill the boys before letting them be taken by the dark so I have a feeling that she'll "turn" on Rand or the boys to help her cause, but at their expense.

I'm still wanting to understand the Aes Sedai-Warder bond more. I wish that they would have explained it in this book!!

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Haha, yes MO! You were right on track but we couldn't say anything!! You've got good instincts! You'll definitely learn more about the Warder bond later in the series so just hold tight :)

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