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message 1: by Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (last edited Jan 03, 2018 04:16PM) (new) - added it

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Remember these are spoilery discussions - so stay away unless you've finished this section! Also, please keep spoilers to the things we know in this section of the book.

I'm splitting this book up into four sections for discussion. As we go along (and the books gets longer :P ), we may split into smaller sections for discussion. I thought starting with four was a nice number to correspond roughly with weeks in the month. January this year technically is more like 4.5 weeks, but that just means you'll finish ahead of time!

What did you think of this section? Need a reminder? Here are the chapter summaries.

My favorite chapter: This is hard! Chapter 26 probably isn't a favorite but is very memorable because of how it ends :( I think Chapter 23 and 25 probably tie for my favorite because I LOVE Elyas and the Tinkers (fun fact - my maiden name is Tinker and I thought this similarity was so cool in high school LOL).

Happy Reading!

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments Mat really annoys me in this section of the book. He just makes so many stupid choices! Pranks on the Whitecloaks, stealing from Shadar Logoth...

I do really like the dreams of Ba'alzamon, though. It's great how dream-like they seem - things aren't quite right, but the dreamer can't figure out what is wrong, etc. It is such a neat way to have Ba'alzamon brought into the story.

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Haha Mat is always making stupid choices!! He is such a child LOL. The dream scenes are especially interesting when rereading since you have a better idea of what is going on and who various characters are. Definitely an interesting way to introduce Ba'alzamon!

Leanne Rivett (mummyrivett) | 14 comments Loving the dream sequences they remind me of Fred Kruger.

Anyone else love the way you relax and indulge in the descriptive scene setting passages, gently taking in the world around you and then, without warning, from out of nowhere, you are POW into an action scene. It’s like being on a theme park ride.

I also love the glimpses of dialogue between Egwene and Moiraine and the introduction of Min.

I’m getting a young Merlin or Arthur vibe from Rand, seeing the character relationships forming of Egwene as his Guinevere and Min as Madam Mim from sword in the stone.

Why is it so hard to put this book down? Having a full time job is so inconvenient sometimes 🤪

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments Agreed! The books tend to be a roller coaster of action, which makes them very addictive.

I think Jade mentioned something about the series being inspired by King Arthur legends in her youtube video intro to the readalong, so it makes sense that you're getting Arthur vibes from Rand. I'm not as familiar with the King Arthur legends, but I can definitely see some of the parallels.

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
The dream sequences are some of my fave! They have a lot more meaning on rereads too when you understand more about the dreams the the people popping up in them, but still even some of the symbolism goes over my head sometimes. There are definitely some King Arthur influences in this series but, like the Tolkein influences, they definitely decrease and the story takes on a life of its own over time. I'm glad you're having a hard time putting it down Mummy! :)

message 7: by Leanne Rivett (last edited Feb 04, 2018 08:58AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leanne Rivett (mummyrivett) | 14 comments The Dream sequences are the best. The split has added new dynamics to the characters, I’m second guessing that Perrin will be a wolf whisper or a werewolf? I love the Inkers too. Wasn’t so keen on the boat sequence, but really liked Rands response in a Titanic,”I’m on top of the World”, way.

Still loving all the female characters, so strong and independent. Like others, I’ve found Mat’s behaviour juvenile and want to slap him 😁

Reading the characters with several accents:

Thom - Sir Ian Mckellen naturally 🧙‍♂️
Rand - Ben Feldman
Mat - Sean Willian Scott ( young Stiffler)
Perrin - Johnny Galecki
Egwene - Kirsten Bell
Nynaeve - Idina Menzel (Yes I’m reading them as Anna and Elsa)
Moiraine - Helen Mirren
Lan- Denzel Washington

I’m reading all inn keepers in a Northern English Bolton accent.

I’ve finally got into the rhythm of the pronunciation of the names, although, after wishing I could have a glossary or pronunciation from the internet, I found a full glossary in the back of the book 🤭

I’ve had a busy week so not been able to read too much, but I’m now on the third section.

Leanne Rivett (mummyrivett) | 14 comments That should read third section. I’m having issues with the app on iPad

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Leanne! I love that you've fancast the characters' voices in your head LOL! And yes, that glossary comes in very handy! Even then, I didn't get the "correct" pronouciations in my head until I started listening to the audiobook haha. Even with the glossary I had a hard time saying them correctly in my head because I got so used to the made up pronouciation haha.

Shannon (That's So Poe) (thatssopoe) | 37 comments It's funny how different the pronunciations we all come up with for the characters are. I think I've given up bothering with the "correct" ones and just go for what works in my own head.

Scott Flicker | 107 comments The audiobooks definitely help with the pronunciations

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
I agree Scott! The audiobooks have helped me cement the "correct" pronunciations in my mind. But when you aren't discussing the books out loud, nobody knows how you pronounce things in your head! So no shame in that either haha.

message 13: by Mo (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mo (weneed_mobrown) | 26 comments Oh man! I just finished this second second. I agree with you Jade, I really liked the introduction of Elyas and the Tinkers. I think that can be a really interesting split if those characters stay together.

I also enjoyed all of the action that started to happen! I definitely feel like I need to catch my breath between these sections now since the characters can't!

Mat and his treasure... ugh... what a child! I have a feeling that even though he stole it, he REALLY shouldn't have. I'm thinking he might be able to be tracked easier? Or there is a curse on the dagger? What does everyone else think?

I wish there was a bit more of how the Wisdom, Lan, and the Aes Sedai were doing though. I feel like everyone else got twice as much story but I'm sure it's just because they can get into more mischief/ these sections probably cut it weirdly.

I'm looking forward to more!

Scott Flicker | 107 comments Oh Mat is just such a fun character. Mat stealing a dagger.... Actions have consequences... Mat is very mischievous but loyal even though he doesn’t always seem to be. The wheel weaves ...

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Yes, this section was so full of action! Mat is starting to become my favorite character on this read, he really is such a fun character!

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