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message 1: by brianna (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments hello all! after failing miserably at my 2017 challenge i decided to decrease my goal of books and try again this year!

my goal is to read 25 books and to try to branch out of my comfort zones by reading new genres! i generally read young adult fiction so i want to branch out to more mature types (like mystery or supernatural). if anyone has any genre suggestions or book suggestions im completely open to them!

i can’t wait for this year, everyone. happy reading!

message 2: by Susy (new)

Susy (susysstories) Wishing you the best of luck with your goal Brianna & a very happy reading/New Year!

Check out the buddy reads. I find it easier to buddy read genres I'm not used to read. You might want to join our Agatha Christie reads for example?

message 3: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12014 comments Wishing you the best of luck with your goal this year.

message 4: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12014 comments Hoping your first month was a success - ̗̀ brianna ̖́- !

message 5: by Susy (new)

Susy (susysstories) How is it going so far Brianna?

message 6: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12014 comments Two months down ten to go! I hope March is a success for you.

message 7: by brianna (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments Blagica wrote: "Two months down ten to go! I hope March is a success for you."

Susy wrote: "How is it going so far Brianna?"

Hi guys! Sorry for no updates, I've been crazy with finalizing things for university. You know how it is.

My reading is actually going really well and I'm doing a lot better now than I was at this point last year! I feel like I'm still a lil behind but I'm thinking I'll be able to get back on track once I'm able to read more for pleasure than school :)

message 8: by brianna (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments Book #1: Life of Pi
★★★★ [4/5]

I enjoyed this book a lot more as it went on, especially the overarching message of keeping hope and the story in general (as it was unique to me), the structural elements ultimately kept me from giving this the full five stars. Chapters were too short and in some places, it was either too rushed or too dragged out when it didn't need to be. Also I want my own Richard Parker, ok thank you.

message 9: by brianna (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments Book #2: Flux
★★★★ [4/5]

I've loved Orion and her writing for about two years now. I discovered her through the meet and greet tour "Pressplay" that she attended along with other internet stars. I didn't know she was a writer at first but when I read my first piece of writing of hers, I loved it! However, I was a little bit nervous coming into this, as I just finished milk and honey a week or so ago and was dreading that this book would fall victim to a classic case of "a simple sentence put on different lines at random." This, thankfully, was not the case with "Flux."

I will admit, the first few poems in the compilation are a bit like this and there are some like that scattered throughout. However, I greatly appreciated her playing with different styles, from paragraph poems to semi-shape poems and even some with a notebook paper format. It didn't feel too uniform and made the poems feel much more fluid. Much of modern poetry unfortunately falls victim to "tumblr poetry" tropes, where the poet tries too hard to force metaphors or to seem relatable. I think Orion perfectly steered away from this while allowing her poems to have a level of depth and relatability. She stuck to certain extended metaphors, like plants and the stars, but did not limit herself to just these.

On the topic of the themes, some were softer ("moonlight:), and some packed a punch (like "flesh and bone" and "vultures"). However, they all kept up with the common idea of heartbreak and the aftermath.

Everything was so raw and I felt like I was reading orion's diary. "Flux" was so beautiful and for her first compilation, she should be so proud. I finished it in one night, for God's sake, that must count for something!

The reason I can't give this the full five stars is because I did notice what I PERSONALLY thought were grammatical issues. Certain phrases didn't read right to me and there were certain phrases were she used passive voice where active voice would have been much more impactful.

However, overall, "Flux" was so beautiful and for her first compilation, she should be so proud. I finished it in one night, for God's sake, that must count for something!

message 10: by brianna (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments Book #3: Ethan Frome
★★★ [3/5]

I really do not have words for how much I disliked it. There were parts that were shocking and compelling, but overall the story was boring, the characters were stagnant, and the ending was lackluster.

According to my English teacher, the whole narrative was subjective anyway, since the speaker is only giving what he /thinks/ happened to the Fromes and not what actually, definitely happened. Which felt like a huge waste of my time. So that doesn't help.

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brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments Book #4: Six of Crows
★★★★★ [5/5]

This is one of the first "fantasy" type novels that I've really ever read (besides the Divergent series and Catching Fire). And by golly, did I love it??? It may be one of the best novels I've had the pleasure of reading, if not THE best.

The diversity of this book is unreal. Two lgbt+ coded characters, Middle Eastern coded characters as well as other characters of color, a woman who is depicted as "feminine" and "sexy" while also being overweight, a character with a disability and PTSD....I mean, WOW. It feels so well-handled and it feels so natural. While these aspects of them aren't the ONLY thing that shape their outlooks, experiences, etc. you can also see how they play that role in these things.

In addition, the plot is soooOO good, unlike any other that I've read. I don't even have words to describe how much I love this book to be honest. Just...please, read it.

Also this may be an unpopular opinion but....I know Matthias eventually overcomes his racism against Grisha but I still despise him :/

But other than that, I loved it soO much <33

message 12: by brianna (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments Book #5: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
★★★★★ [5/5]

Hi I love that there is finally a book with diversity and lgbt+ characters that is helping to normalize coming-of-age stories with these types of characters. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

message 13: by brianna (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments Book 6: Call Me By Your Name
Finished: 3/11/18

Potential spoilers below!

I really wanted to like this book. With its plethora of five star ratings and raving reviews, I thought it would be the perfect book to use for my senior thesis. I was also curious because of all of the people upset about the age gap. However, this book completely missed the mark. It was not even close to hitting it.

Was I even reading the same book as some of the reviewers? I did not see any of what they were saying at ALL.

I did enjoy some of the phrases. They were very pretty and are things I find in my favorite poetry. I liked the characters of Mafalda, Anchise, and Vimini. There was an intense plot twist. There were parts I could get a bit into it (but even then, something jarring would draw me out).

Yes, there were parts that I liked. But overall, there were many more parts that I hated that resulted in me giving this a one star rating.

- Elio’s obsession. There is no doubt that Elio is quite obsessed with Oliver. He shows us from the very first moment that Oliver walks up to the mansion. However, it begins to reach the point where it was more than just “this boy REALLY loves Oliver!” One example is when Anchise and Oliver are late coming back on the boat. Elio literally says that in a way, it would be exciting if Oliver died and his “bloated, eyeless body” washed up on the shore. I shit you not. Another instance is where Elio says she wishes that he could cripple Oliver to, in other words, control him. There’s many more thoughts like this. The obsession even makes him extremely spiteful. Overall, Elio’s longing for Oliver is extremely unhealthy and actually very creepy. Also, Elio two-timed some other girl. So not cool.
- Oliver is not much better. In the beginning he is very hot and cold with Elio. He either talks to him excessively or can’t be bothered to give him the time of day. It’s weirdly manipulative and even though he stops that game a little ways into the book, it always stuck with me. Not to mention, you know, the whole him being an adult thing and Elio being an adolescent boy thing. I understand that the age of consent in Italy is 14 but Oliver still comes from a culture where that isn’t the case so I’m not giving him a pass. Not to mention he knew that the whole thing was wrong but continued on with it anyways.
- The Godforsaken peach scene. I feel awful even writing about it. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details and leave you with this: fruit is now forever cancelled.
- Also the toilet scene. Two sum it up in two sentences: “Don’t flush I want to see it.” “I want you to look at mine too.” Absolutely vile.
- Also the writing style!! Some sentences were the length of half a paragraph! The grammar Gods are crying! Not to mention that the paragraph breaks were sparse and there were no chapters breaks in existence. *shutters*

This was definitely the most disappointing review I’ve ever had to write. Even moreso because I feel like there’s such a lack of mainstream books with lgbt+ characters and I was really hoping this lived up to that honorary status. Not so.

message 14: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12014 comments A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. I hope that April brings you many more five star reads.

message 15: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12014 comments “Reading brings us unknown friends” While the warm weather is coming I hope you make some new friends in May!

message 16: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12014 comments “I have always imagined paradise will be a kind of library.” I hope you find a corner in Paradise with some great books!!

message 17: by brianna (last edited Aug 09, 2018 09:35AM) (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments i am so sorry that i suck at keeping up with this thread! i am just going to do a quick rundown of the books i have read up to date. if you want full reviews, visit my profile to read them!

book #7: rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead (★★★ [3/5])
book #8: the color purple (★★★★★ [5/5])
book #9: leah on the offbeat (★★★ [3/5])
book #10: history is all you left of me (★★★★ [4/5])
book #11: stalking jack the ripper (★★★★ [4/5])
book #12: the hate u give (★★★★ [4/5])
book #13: born a crime (★★★★★ [5/5])

message 18: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 11 comments What did you think of paper towns? I’m thinking of reading that one but havnt got round to it yet

message 19: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12014 comments You do not suck I pop in on everyone it is your space update as often as you like. Doing great keep it up!

message 20: by brianna (new)

brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments Lauren wrote: "What did you think of paper towns? I’m thinking of reading that one but havnt got round to it yet"

it’s very good! to me it was close to if not better than looking for alaska. there are spots where it moves slow and spots where it moves fast but i got enmersed enough in the story that it wasn’t too bad. another thing is that the story itself is a bit cheesy/cliche in the sense that it’s romance driven but like i said, once emmersed in the story it does not feel that way. it’s not for everyone but i enjoyed it so i definitely urge you to give it a go!

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brianna (snowreo) | 29 comments book 14: children of blood and bone by tomi adeyemi
ive been trying to put into words everything i feel about this book, but im honestly at a loss. ive been so fortunate this year to read so many good books this year but i honestly have so many great things to say about this one. i loved the plot, especially because fantasy was never really my forte. i loved the diverse, complex set of characters. tzain, amari, zélie, and inan all had their fair share of demons and it made them so interesting. however, each of them had good qualities that helped prevent them from being to tragic. each of them also challenged each other and played off of each other’s characterization (i.e. amari and tzain understanding their love for their siblings, despite both zélie and inan making mistakes). inan was such a good antagonist and i believe it’s made him by favorite character. not for all the bad things he’s done, but the reasons behind these things and how his childhood contributed as well as his ultimately failed efforts to try and defy his father. additionally, i loved that we got such a diverse cast. personally, i haven’t heard of ANY books were the cast were all people of color (except maybe crazy rich asians, although im not positive on this). i also loved the setting and getting to learn bits of cultures apart from my own. my only criticism was that i didn’t like zélie and inan’s relationship, as it felt very out of place and rushed. but that’s honestly my only criticism. please read this book. im begging you. please.

book 15: hunting prince dracula by kerri maniscalco
full review to come

message 22: by Susy (new)

Susy (susysstories) - ̗̀ brianna ̖́- wrote: "please read this book. im begging you. please."

Lol, I will, as soon as the series is complete (otherwise I'll have to reread this one and I don't have time to do rereads with so many good reads waiting for me...)

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