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2018 Reading Challenge

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message 1: by Eric (new)

Eric Schatz | 375 comments Mod
How many books do you plan to read in 2018? Any special themes?

message 2: by Belinda (new)

Belinda (beribel) | 94 comments Mod
The past year I've realised there are more than a few genres of books... For example 'The Spy who came in from the cold' is considered a 'modern classic'... !

So this year I would like to divide the books I want to read into periods and regions.

1. Am fascinated by the 1920s, any parts of the world (written during that time or set in that period)

2. A book based in Australia (preferably by an Australian author)

3. A book based or written in the 1980s

4. A book based on colonial India

5. A novel based in Hong Kong (?!)

6. A Japanese classic (e.g. Natsume Soseki)


message 3: by Eric (new)

Eric Schatz | 375 comments Mod
Thanks. Still figuring out my answer. May be able to recommend books for few of your categories.

message 4: by Eric (last edited Jan 06, 2018 05:51AM) (new)

Eric Schatz | 375 comments Mod
Exceeded my 2017 target and setting 2018 goal at 30, which is 2.5 per month. On a stretch, I'd like to read 36 again.

In terms of specifics, I only read ~half of the specific titles listed on my 2017 wish list but going ahead with wide net for the 2018 installment. Thematically, my categories are:

- ongoing series: The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (David Lagercrantz); Inferno (Dan Brown); The Angel of Darkness (Caleb Carr); The Killing House (Claire McGowan)

- new (to me) mystery/crime writers (at least 1 each): Daniel Silva; Ken Follet; John le Carre; Arthur Conan Doyle

- favorite authors: Murkami (1Q84); Agatha Christie (Death on the Nile; Murder at the Vicarage); Ruth Ozeki (My Year of Meats)

- classics: The Godfather; The Help; Memories of a Geisha; The Remains of the Day

- new books: Before We Were Yours; Pachinko; Little Fires Everywhere

- non Fiction: How Democracies Die; Collusion; The Bright Hour; The Power Broker; Resilience

- short stories: John Cheever; Raymond Carver

message 6: by Eric (new)

Eric Schatz | 375 comments Mod
Great article.

message 7: by Akane (new)

Akane Vallery Uchida (kx_creative) | 2 comments Joining you in setting a goal of 30 for 2018.
After reading a lot of crime, which I don't really enjoy but rather did as part of my MA, I want to venture out and read more in line with what I intend to write, having decided that I myself don't want to be a crime writer (my very bad first draft is sleeping in a drawer for now).
As I'm writing a more humorous novel themed around culture and identity now, I aim to read more culturally diverse authors too with my first book of the year "The Good Immigrant".

message 8: by Eric (new)

Eric Schatz | 375 comments Mod
Thanks! Sounds interesting.

message 9: by Belinda (new)

Belinda (beribel) | 94 comments Mod
Anna wrote: "Check this out


good article indeed, following the author on goodreads now

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