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message 1: by Nitesh (new)

Nitesh | 2 comments This is an odd topic but I have a problem which I can't solve on my own. I need to take 2 tests in one day. And my brain's peak performance lasts for only 1hour while the tests are approximately 4 hours. What should I do so that I have peak performance for 4hrs. Can someone suggest any good book? Any advice other than practice ?

message 2: by Sergei (new)

Sergei Rachkovski Hi,
Well, it's not a problem, just read my new novel "How I became a human being" a memoir of an alien from Cosmos. And you will be focused on the right things for hours. No kidding, enjoy reading this fascinating story. It's available on Amazon.com


message 3: by Janet (new)

Janet Colbert | 59 comments Be prepared; index cards. And get a good nights sleep.

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