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message 1: by Nichelle (new)

Nichelle | 57 comments 24/6...I'm glad I got at least half way on both.. And the challenge did explain my reading. Excited for 2018..What's your final count if you DIDN'T finish

message 2: by tif (new)

tif flynn (itsmetif) | 16 comments I read 33 from the regular list and 5 from the advanced list. I didn't start the challenge until September and it was my secondary challenge after the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. I had intended to try and read the last 7 I needed for the regular list but work got super stressful in the lead up to Christmas and I got no reading done at all in the last 3 or so weeks. still pretty happy with my results considering I started so late in the year.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy (amyforthewin) | 42 comments I have read 35 from regular list and all 12 from advanced list. I got stuck on espionage thriller and am still limping through it. I might just finish it and use it for 2018 list (was published in the decade I was born). First time I haven’t finished but I feel really great about all I have accomplished. Some of the types of books I never would have picked up and really enjoyed!

message 4: by Nikky (new)

Nikky Herschell  | 97 comments I’ve got two books left but I’m half way through both so I’ll finish them by tomorrow

message 5: by Emma (new)

Emma | 96 comments 50/52 - I was going to give myself this week to finish then move on to 2018 challenge, but have decided to leave it unfinished and just move on. I got really close, and this year I won’t be writing a MA dissertation for most of the summer so hopefully that will help! And I can try to beat my total this year so it’s motivating. I plan to approach it in a different way this year, read what I fancy and try to match it to prompts, then fill in the gaps. I was a bit too rigid for 2017 and it made reading less fun and I stalled a bit.

message 6: by Tara (new)

Tara Bates | 1008 comments I did 49/52 with one read that didn’t fit so I did meet my overall goal of 50. I’m planning on reading books for those prompts first this year but allowing them to count for my 2018 challenges too.
I’m missing day or month in the title, multiple authors and recommended by a librarian. I could have put a different book in that category but I’m partway through the book for that prompt and it wouldn’t have got elsewhere.

message 7: by Charlene (new)

Charlene (charlove) | 25 comments I read 35/40. I'm thinking of finishing this before starting the 2018 challenge. I already have the books ready to go.

message 8: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie | 23 comments I read a total of 43 out of the total of 52. Real life got in the way and I lost motivation with the challenge. I have, incidentally, managed to create a pile of books that match a lot of the 2018 prompts (as well as some that match another one that I'm doing this year).

So hopefully I'll be able to maintain my motivation this year - I'm already on book 3!

message 9: by Karen (new)

Karen (readingaway84) | 10 comments I only did 25 out of 40. I have a better plan of attack this year :)

message 10: by AnneElisabeth (new)

AnneElisabeth | 24 comments I read 42/50. I read some fantastic books and I am going to call that a win! I enjoyed the fact that the challenge made me to read books I otherwise would not have read. I am exited for this year!

message 11: by Naina (new)

Naina (naynay55) | 113 comments I'm at 36/40 (working on #37) and 12/12. I think I'm going to finish the 2017 challenge before moving on to the 2018 one. I started in June/July, so I feel pretty good about how far I was able to make it.

message 12: by Shannon (new)

Shannon | 49 comments I did 59 of 60 and will finish this one before I move on to 2018. There were two this year that I just couldn't make myself finish so I had to choose something else. I hope I'll make better choices this year.

message 13: by SadieReadsAgain (new)

SadieReadsAgain (sadiestartsagain) | 767 comments I didn't look at the advanced list, just the regular one. I managed 30/40, which considering I stopped commuting as much and then threw a newborn baby into the mix is quite a lot of reading!

message 14: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (naustin32) | 31 comments I read 21 out of the 40 prompts. I read 31 books the whole year but some didn’t fit any of the prompts. Hope to do better this year.

message 15: by Cristin (new)

Cristin | 25 comments I ended the year with 30/40 and 7/12 finished. I did read a total of 75 books this year, 33 of which were for the AtY52 challenge, with no overlaps between the two challenges. Curse those 5 other books that did not match any prompts!

message 16: by Anna (last edited Jan 05, 2018 11:15AM) (new)

Anna (annaholla) | 172 comments I finished the regular list, and had one advanced prompt left ("takes place over a character's lifespan.") I thought about taking another week to finish, but, in the end, I just wanted to move on. (I finished the Read Harder Challenge, and read 85 total books. So it was a good year!)

Instead, I may use that book -- Life After Life -- for my "meant to read in 2017" book.

message 17: by Johanna (new)

Johanna Ellwood (jpellwood) | 232 comments I think I read 40/52. My biggest disappointment was not finishing the 800+ book. I started 4 3 2 1 but had to return it to the library. There is a wait list for it and I never got it back again before the year finished.

message 18: by Robyn (new)

Robyn | 10 comments I read 31/8. Hoping to be able to check off more categories in 2018

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