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So, in all honesty I haven't updated frequently and I haven't finished this book, due to a combination of holiday travel, illness, being short staffed at work, and finishing up last month's read.
But I will finish this book TODAY.

So far I am really enjoying it, it is incredibly intriguing. I already like it better than Girl on the Train which I read some time ago.

The mystery here is less obvious but also states you right in that face. In GotT the main protagonist has no idea/cannot remember the details around the mystery or problem, whereas here, the protagonist appears to be very aware of most of the details and I s hung up on one fact beyond her knowledge. And yet, she refuses to share those facts eighths reader, most facts seem to spill from other characters or descriptions of conversations and interactions.

Has anyone else picked this book?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Colleendearborn | 5 comments Holidays are so busy, aren't they? Intriguing comparison between the narrators in this book and GIrl on a Train. I'll look for my book so I can join in the discussion.

Colleendearborn | 5 comments And thanks for leading this group!

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Thanks so much! (I also want to apologize for my typos above. 😳)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on either book!

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