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Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon) | 382 comments Mod

You will respect my authority!
~ Mods, probably

We, The Mods, welcome thee to the "Unleash The Mods™" Challenge! (a.k.a UTM™)

When Maraya joined the Team in September 2017, she suggested that each Mod pick a book each month for the remaining of the year for various reasons, and from October to December we did just that.

Now 2018 has rolled around (Yay!) and it was decided that we will continue with this practice. Hence, each Mod will be suggesting books for your reading pleasure.

This is a fairly simple challenge:
Each one of the Moderators will be suggesting one book each per month for the entire year. That will make a total of 12 books per moderator and 36 books total within 2018. All you have to do, if you decide to join this challenge is pick a number of books to commit to - it can be all 36 or 10, 20 etc however many you want - and make a separate shelf for this (for example "unleash-the-mods-tijan-group-2018"). That is it, you have successfully joined & are ready to begin.

Some additional info:

~~ We will be picking the books as we go along each month, which means that there won't be any list in advance for said picked books. You will just have to go in blind and commit to a number.

~~ There will be Discussion Threads for each choice available in the Group Reads folder. Due to limited space in the titles the acronym "UTM™" will be used for to designate each thread.

~~ An archive discussion thread will be posted here in the Challenges folder for all the books that will be/have been picked for this challenge, making it easier to keep track.

We hope you enjoy each & every book we will unleash upon you all!
Happy Reading,
♦️ The Mods ♦️

message 2: by Maraya21, Disco Muffin (new)

Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon) | 382 comments Mod
Question: Do we have to read each book the month it is chosen or can we read it at any time?

Answer: You can read the books at any time as long as it is within 2018 and you add them to your special shelf so it can count towards the challenge here.

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