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Cheyenne (shyreranda) here we go my love!!

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Evil | 1611 comments Seth
I smile. “Great! Hey Lucas, are you ready for another run?” I ask my son. His eyes bulge and wolf ears poke out of his hair in excitement. I laugh. I’ll take that as a yes. “Then go get dressed. I’m not letting you leave the house without clothing, fur or no fur.”

-so do you, love.- I kiss her lips once and pull back to grab my thermos, popping the sliding lid open and taking a gulp.

message 3: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) Luciel
I smiled at my man and my son as Lucas got up and ran to get dressed. i got up and streched a bit. "lets go get you food baby cakes.." i said to her as i signed with one hand. She spelt pancakes and i nodded, "goood girl, pancakes it is!"

I nodded my head and kissed him a bit before i got my mug and started ti drink

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Evil | 1611 comments Seth
Luciel carries Julia out to the dining room to get her some pancakes while Lucas eagerly throws on a new change of clothes. I just laugh at how excited he is and follow everyone to the dining room.

Mom is already there, sipping her coffee. “Morning,” i greet her, “How was your discussion with William?”

The corners of her lips in a faint smile. “It was lovely, actually. We just reminisced about raising kids, but it was a nice talk. He’s very sweet,” she replied softly. I smile back at her.

While Elliot feeds I prepare a bottle for Michael and bundle him up in a cozy blanket just in case he gets cold. Then I head into the living room and plop down on the couch, feeding my son while we wait for everyone else to wake up.

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) Luciel
i smile at Jaime when i see him in the living room with Michael. It was so nice seeing him so happy with my sister and this little boy. i went inti tge kitchen and started making pancakes with Julia. "Jaime, i know you dont eat, but do you want any?"

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Evil | 1611 comments Jaime
-No thanks,- I sign, readjusting my hold on Michael’s bottle. Flicking my eyes to Seth and his mom I can’t help smiling. I look back to Luciel. -Aurelia has sure taken to William. Do you know him well?

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) Luciel
"Hes come around for a few holidays... His daughters are only a few years older then me and Scarlet.." i said to him as i started making come blueberry pancakes.

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Evil | 1611 comments Jaime
-Ah.- I smile and just sit back as Michael starts drifting off again. I kiss his head.

“Hey mom, Luciel, the kids and I are going for a run if you’d like to come with,” I offer with a smile. She shakes her head.

“Sorry, hon. No shifting until I’m completely healed. Doctors orders. Besides I’m helping Holly in the kitchen, I’ll be fine,” she replies.

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) Scarlet
i walk out of the room and i smile at seth and his mom. "you guys are going for a run? be careful, its reallly cold out there..." i said to them as i went into the kitchen for a pancake

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Evil | 1611 comments Seth
I smirk. “Aren’t we always?” I say with a nod to both the kiddos so bundled up they look like Randy from A Christmas Story. Even Lucas is too excited to care. He’s standing by the door in his snow boots and pants, his mittens, jacket, scarf and hat, waiting for my and Luciel.

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) Luciel
i smiled at the both of tgem before kissing the top of Lucas' head. "Just be safe out there you two okay," i whispered to them before ruffiling his hair.

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Evil | 1611 comments YOURE ALIVE!!!!)

I kiss my lover deeply before I leave, Lucas shooting off into the giant snowdrifts. I laugh breathlessly following my sun into the snow. As we both start running the change begins to ripple throughout my body and my bone break and reshape

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) (yes im alive, work got to me and life in general, imma try and be on more)

i smiled at my brother as Seth left before turning to Jaime, "that certinally are a cute bunch arent they.." i said to him before kissing his lips. I loved seeing my little brother so happy

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Evil | 1611 comments No worries! Schools been getting me too)

I smile watching Father and soon hop and roll through the open snow. I wrap my arm around my love and kiss her temple. Then I kiss my sons head and nuzzle his soft hair. -They are. I can’t wait to see how Julia turns out when it’s time for her shift.-

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) (im gonna kick myself in the ass, i miss you guys)

"shes gonna turn out adorable, i just know it, the little fluff ball" i said to him as i kissed michaels hair before i took a sip of coffee. i know i dont really need this, but i just want it

message 16: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments No worries! We missed you too! *hugs*

Did you still want to develop Aurelia and William relationship?:)

message 17: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) (yes i do! and ill try to be on more even if its a few times a day)

message 18: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Okay!:D
Do you want to start them off or me?:)

message 19: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) (you my dear)

message 20: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Aurelia
While my son takes Lucas out for a run I take my time getting dressed, picking out a nice blue dress I had brought with me. The dress hugs my curves and shows off the little cleavage I have. The loose sleeves touch my wrists and the hem reaches halfway down my thighs. I blush realizing I was thinking of William. I wonder if he’ll be here for dinner as well

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) William
Driving up t9 the house, i could notice Jacks brothers boyfriend outside playing with one of their kids. it was nice seeing that, they were a happy family. I fixed my hair and got out of my truck to go to the door. All i could think about was seeing Aurelia, i could feel my cheeks getting pick as i knocked on the door

message 22: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Aurelia
After I’m dressed I help out with what I can, setting the table and helping Jack and his wife with the food, carrying everything over to the long dinner table. A few high chairs are set up, leaving us two short with Julia and Lucas, but I know they’ll spend the time sitting in their father’s’ laps. I smile watching the Tomato gang scurry around trying to get the seats closest to their mom and Dad.

I can only shake my head, freezing when I see William in the doorway. Immediately my cheeks flush. It takes me a minute to compose myself, meeting him to take his coat. “Hello again,” I greet a little too joyfully. “Here I can take your jacket.”

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) Will
I smiled and took my jacket off and handed it to her, "its wonderful to see you again, i hope you uad a wonderful night" i said to her just as A blond wolf ran in and right into Luciel. "i guess it got to be too cold for the little guy" i laughed

message 24: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Aurelia
“I did, thank you.” I smile and take his jacket, hanging it by the door on a hook. The a blond pup comes charging in out of the cold. I giggle watching him tackle Luciel. “I suppose so... have you brought your appetite? You’re going to need it.”

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Cheyenne (shyreranda) Will
"ive hears stories of Scars famous Mac and cheese, ive been dying for it." i laughed as i stepped closer to her. "been cooking all day it looks like"

message 26: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Sorry I didn’t post here!! The thread got lost >.<
Do you still want to do these guys?)

message 27: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) (as much as i love them, i think we need a change for a bit)

message 28: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments That’s what I was thinking too.
Anything in mind?

message 29: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) im not entirely sure, have you done anything exciting

message 30: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments I just got a job and I passed my driving test for my license :)

message 31: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) (oh im so happy for you honey! did you graduate this year?

message 32: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Yup! Starting college in the fall:D

message 33: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) oh im so happy for you, whats yiur major going to be

message 34: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Psychology :) today I had orientation.

message 35: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) Oooo thats what my boyfriend is doing

message 36: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Sweet!

message 37: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) so what kind of ideas do you have for something new

message 38: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments I’m not sure honestly. Is there anything you’re dying to do?:)

message 39: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) ive been things of something like a city guy and a country girl kind of stuff

message 40: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments I haven’t done that kind of pairing before ...anything specific for that?

message 41: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) Im thinking the guy is a compleat asshole rich boy that got force by his dad (ceo of the company he works for) to go out and do some good in the world and get humble

message 42: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Oh

message 43: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) ive been into cheesy stuff, like bad cheezy. do you have anything you wana do

message 44: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Hmm... maybe we could do something cheesy and historical?

message 45: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) ooooo i like the sound of that

message 46: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Is there any specific era that tickles your fancy?

message 47: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne (shyreranda) I was thinking maybe 18th century england?

message 48: by Evil (new)

Evil | 1611 comments Oooh yeah!

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