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message 1: by Helen (new)

Helen Following Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2018 Book Challenge categories, but haven't selected the books yet. Hoping to find others who are following it too, to get some ideas!

message 2: by Helen (last edited Jan 07, 2018 10:04AM) (new)

Helen Thanks to Emily (emilyesears) for posting this, thus saving me time and typing!! :)

The 12 prompts for the MMD Challenge are:

1. A classic you’ve been meaning to read
2. A book recommended by someone with great taste
3. A book in translation
Tale of Genji?
4. A book nominated for an award in 2018
5. A book of poetry, a play, or an essay collection
Essays by E.B. White? Saw thus on someone else's list, and I happen to have it. The topics look interesting.

In Memorium, by Tennyson; a favorite of my uncle Phil
6. A book that’s more than 500 pages
7. A book you can read in a day
The Last Little Prince -- 1/7/18
8. A book by a favorite author
9. A book recommended by a librarian or indie bookseller
10. A banned book
Catcher in the Rye -- haven't read since high school, would like to re-read it from my older perspective.
11. A memoir, biography, or book of creative nonfiction
Just Kids, by Patti Smith -- 1/6/18
12. A book by an author of a different race, ethnicity, or religion than your own
Autobiography of Malcolm X -- Black Muslim; have heard of him, of course , but don't know anything about him really. Had the book, so decided to give it a try.

message 3: by Susy (new)

Susy (susysstories) Wishing you the best of luck with your challenge Helen & a very happy reading/New Year!

message 4: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12028 comments Wishing you the best of luck with your goal this year.

message 5: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12028 comments Hoping your first month was a success! Congratulations on your first eight books!

message 6: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12028 comments Two months down ten to go! I hope March is a success for you.

message 7: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12028 comments A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. I hope that April brings you many more five star reads.

message 8: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12028 comments “Reading brings us unknown friends” While the warm weather is coming I hope you make some new friends in May!

message 9: by Nevol (new)

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message 10: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12028 comments “I have always imagined paradise will be a kind of library.” I hope you find a corner in Paradise with some great books!!

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