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Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd) (bookish_anna) The Weekly Theme Reading Challenges are hosted every week by you our members! Members who sign up to be hosts will be given a week, and it's their job to come up with a challenge to give the group.

The challenges can be centered around an event that happens that week, something you enjoy doing, or just a random challenge that you thought of. Feel free to DM me you want/need help coming up with a challenge.

When making your thread please use this format:
Week __: Date - Date (Theme of your challenge)

Ex: Week 12: March 19-25 (Rainbow)

You can sign up to be a host here. Feel free to ask questions down below.

Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd) (bookish_anna) Also, please try to have your post up the Friday or Saturday before your week begins! :)

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Reed (reedster6) | 62 comments How does this work exactly? I've never done this before

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Trisha | 31440 comments was a challenge where we posted a goal weekly to read. . .but we haven't done it for a while and so it's been a bit dead.

The closest thing we have going that is kind of like it would be the Dare You To challenge

You can find the threads here:

let me know if you have questions there :)

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