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Seek ARC readers for 55p sci-fi novella

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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Kole (taylorkole) | 11 comments I'm releasing a 55pg sci-fi story, **Second Life** on 2/1/18. It'stailored for lovers of conspiracy, UFO, and grays. (though not necessarily in the story). I seek ARC (advanced release copy) readers. If interested, please contact me. I'll have a buttoned up copy by 1/4/18 and use ARC feedback to fine-tune and promote.
I think you'll be pleased. Only one way to find out.

message 2: by Mallorie (new)

Mallorie i'm interested in reading your book, i've never read a scifi book before but seeing how it's only 55 pages i think it would be perfect for people like me who have never read a scifi book before and are interested in trying out a scifi book.

message 3: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Kole (taylorkole) | 11 comments Thank you for the interest. All of my writing is science fiction. Second Life is my only Hard sci-fi. I would love to temp you over to the wonders of science fiction. Perhaps we could begin with something more mainstream. Teresa's Gift is also free and can be found at It is 28 pages, my first short story and if I may be so bold, a fun little ride.
If Teresa's Gift you, perhaps we can introduce you to Second Life. If you're set on jumping in, I welcome you and will provide the appropriate link.


message 4: by Mallorie (new)

Mallorie i finished reading teresa's gift and i really enjoyed it, i liked the ending. i am still interested in reading a second life.

message 5: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Kole (taylorkole) | 11 comments Thank you for Teresa's Gift compliment. I love Randy.

Did the link work at its end, to take you to author notes?

I will get you link in a few hours. just uploading cleaner copy (with numbered pages). Which email address is yours?

message 6: by Mallorie (new)

Mallorie i gave you my email in a reply to a message you sent me.

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