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Diane  | 12949 comments Challenge Dates:
January 23 through February 10

Book Genre:
Any genre

Book Length:
Each book must be at least 100 pages in length.

Challenge Rules:
The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will go head to head to compete in Superbowl VII . You will read a book or books set mainly in either state or region of your favorite team - Pennsylvania or New England. Scoring will be as follows:

Safety - 2 Points: 100-200 pages
Field Goal - 3 Points: 200-300 pages
Touch Down - 6 Points: 300-400 pages
Touch Down with Extra Point - 7 Points: 400-500 pages
Touch Down with Two-Point Conversion - 8 point: >500 pages

Earn extra points: (No limit)
Book has colors of team on cover (must post picture of cover): 2 points
Book title contains one of the following words: super, bowl, team, score, tackle, yard, ball. 2 points per word
Book has variation of team name in book title (i.e. raven, patriot, viking, etc.): 3 points
Book has picture of team mascot on cover (i.e. raven, patriot, viking, etc.): 3 points
Book that mentions any sport (Must include sport referenced in book): 3 points
Book with main genre of Sports: 6 points
Book about American football: 7 points

Claiming Points
Post the book you have read and the team it represents in this post. Please include the link to the book and the number of pages for the book. Include additional information about your book if you are claiming extra points, as applicable.

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Diane  | 12949 comments Updated

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Diane  | 12949 comments I should do this for the Georgia/Alabama game next Monday instead, but I DO want to watch that one. I think you can guess from my avatar who I am rooting for...

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Diane  | 12949 comments The teams have been determined and the challenge is on...

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