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Adelaide Blair | 1043 comments Mod
Ok. So it's been a long time since I have read this book, but I remember it being super fun in many ways. It's a dramatic story with romance and history, and Scarlett O'Hara is a great (if deeply flawed) character. HOWEVER, this book is also a glorification of the confederacy and does not just talk about racism, it is racist. And I am fully aware that it is easier to overlook historical racism if you are not the one being targeted. BUT I am not your mom and am not going to tell you how to read this book. If you just wanna read it and have fun, do that. If you want to castigate Margaret Mitchell for romanticising slavery, that's cool too. There are a lot of possible responses to this book, so feel free to be honest about what you think.

Cheryl | 920 comments Thanks for these notes. I have put off reading this book just for the reasons you wrote about. What's makes it hard for me, is that I actually live in the Atlanta area (I'm a Yankee transplant) and my take on the book might differ from those who live here.

I am going to read it with an open mind, though. There were things in the film version I really did not like, but perhaps the book is a bit different. It will be an interesting read, to be sure.

Sarah (sarahmott) | 362 comments I have to finish “IT” first since I’ve had it on hold forever, but I already have a copy of GWTW, and will dive into it next...

Adelaide Blair | 1043 comments Mod
I still haven't gotten a copy yet, so no worries.

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